Various Diseases that Attack Aloe Vera Farming/Cultivation in India

Aloe Vera Farming

What are the Diseases Attacking Aloe Vera Farming in India: Aloe Plant is a Drought Resistant Crop. Mostly they grow in the Dessert regions. They can also grow in other areas. Since they grow in desert conditions, they need to have different metabolic activities to survive. This has made them produce some sticky substance. Apart from that, it has succulent Aloe Vera Pulp. This Aloe Pulp has many beneficial effects. Many companies are using this pulp as their raw materials. This has made a good demand for the Aloe Vera. Also, the Profit Margins of Aloe Vera is huge.

Many have seen the opportunity. Out of them, few have seized this opportunity. They are starting aloe vera cultivation on their farm. With good marketing opportunities, they are earning high profits in Aloe Vera Cultivation. Though it is a good profitable business, it also has some drawbacks. One such is Disease Attack in Aloe Vera. While one has to accept the fact that, Disease Incidence is not that much in Aloe Vera. But the attack of Aloe Vera will lead to loss of Aloe Yield, which in turn will lead to loss of Aloe Vera Profits. Hence one should know about the various diseases that will attack the Aloe Plant. Furthermore, check below to know more about the Aloe Vera Plant Diseases in India.

List of Diseases Attacking Aloe Vera Farming in India:

There are a handful of diseases that you are going to observe in Aloe Cultivation. Here we have given the complete list of diseases in Aloe Farming.

  • Aloe Rust Disease
  • Root Rot
  • Soft Rot
  • Alternaria Leaf Spot
  • Sooty Mold
  • Basal Stem Rot Aloe Vera
  • Aloe Vera Leaf rot
  • Brown Spots on Aloe Vera Plant
  • White Spots On Aloe Vera Plant

The above diseases are the full list of Aloe Plant Diseases. In the section below, we are going to give you complete details about Major Diseases in Aloe Vera Farming.

Detailed Information on Major Aloe Vera Diseases and Pests:

Now you will see the major diseases that affect the Aloe Vera Farming Yield. You will get detailed information on those 3 major diseases.

1. Root Rot in Aloe Vera Plant:

Fungi are responsible for the cause of this Root Rot in Aloe Vera Plant. They will result in dark brown root tips, mushy root tips. They will result in Stunted growth. It also results in the yellowing of Aloe Vera Leaves. Furthermore, this will result in poor quality Aloe Vera Yield.

  • How to Identify: Stunted growth, Dark Brown root tips.
  • Where to Find: Mainly Roots & also on Leaves.
  • Control Measures of Aloe Vera Root Rot: Avoid Overwatering. While Spray 70% alcohol on Aloe Vera tools. Remove and destroy affected plants.

2. Aloe Rust:

This is also caused by Fungi. The attack of fungi will result in black or brown circular spots on the Aloe Vera Leaves. the spot will become blackened with the process of oxidation.

  • How to Find: Black or Brown Circular Spots
  • Where to Find: On the Aloe Leaves
  • Control Measures of Aloe Rust: Avoid Over Crowding. Provide Proper Sunlight. While try to Keep water off the Aloe Leaves. Also, avoid over-watering Aloe Plants.

3. Soft Rot in Aloe Vera Plant:

Unlike the above two, this is caused by Bacteria. Once the bacteria attacks the Aloe Plant, you will observe water-soaked spots on Aloe Leaves. While this will decay the Aloe Vera Plant. Ultimately, it will end up with mushy leaves that collapse. These spots do enlarge and will merge with one another. Furthermore, this forms the Soft Rot in Aloe Vera.

  • How to Find: Water-soaked spots on Aloe Leaves.
  • Where to Find: On Aloe Leaves
  • Control Measures of Soft Rot: Avoid over-watering. Also, remove and Destroy infected Aloe Plants.

These are the major Diseases Attacking Aloe Vera Farming. Since you have got an idea, you can try to prevent or control the diseases in Aloe Vera Plant. Furthermore, check the below link to know more about the Diseases Attacking Aloe Vera Farming.

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