What is Colony Collapse Disorder in Beekeeping and its Causes

Colony Collapse Disorder Causes in Beekeeping: If you are thinking that What is Colony Collapse Disorder, then let me tell you that it is one of the dreadful things if you are a Beekeeper. Even if you are not a Beekeeper, you should understand the gravity of this situation. If you go by the Colony Collapse Disorder Definition, it is the situation where the worker bees will leave the colony. While the Bee Colony will have only the Queen, plenty of nectar and nurse bees. These nurse bees will take care of the queen and immature bees. Furthermore, this is one of the serious things to consider after seeing the effects of Colony Collapse Disorder in Bees.

How to Start Beekeeping in India

If you are a New Beekeeper or an Old Beekeeper, you should know this. Since it is one of the most affecting factors in terms of Honey Yield, you have to bat an eye on this. If you see the Colony Collapse Disorder Facts, you will under the grave situation of Bees. The governments of various countries are worried about looking at the Colony Collapse Disorder Statistics. Since it is such a serious issue, we want you to know the various causes of this Colony Collapse Disorder in Honey Bees.

List of Possible Colony Collapse Disorder Causes in Honey BeeKeeping:

There are quite a few Reasons for the CCD in Honey BeeKeeping. But not many are yet to be proven. Still, most of the scientists and researchers, believe that they are causing this Colony Collapse Disease in Bees all over the world. Let us see those causes in the below section.

1. The Cellphone Theory:

One of the most famous reasons that researchers believe is Cellphone Theory. While quite a few people are saying that the signals and the radiation from the mobile phones are responsible for the sudden disappearance of Honey Bees. Though there is a strong section of people believing this theory, there are not enough proofs for the same.

2. Colony Collapse Disorder Pesticides:

Pesticides are another factor for the Honey Bee Loss in the world. While we all know the effects of Pesticides. We are using various poisonous chemicals in agriculture and other cultivations. Furthermore, it is no surprise that they are also affecting the Honey Bees.

3. Pathogens:

There are a number of Pathogens that are attacking the Honey Bees. Some of them are Israeli Acute Paralysis Virus. Apart from that, the Tobacco Ringspot Virus is also affecting the Honey Bee Colonies. Though there are control measures, they are not stopping them.

4. Parasites:

This is the age of many new pathogens and parasites. Honey Bees are no exception to these parasites. With the evolving parasites like Varroa and Tracheal Mites, the population of Honey is decreasing. In recent times, the attack of parasites is increasing. Hence we can assume them as one of the reasons for the disappearance of Honey Bees.

5. Pollution:

By seeing the effects of Colony Collapse Disorder, we can assume that the various pollution is one of the reasons. An increase in temperatures might also cause this CCD in Honey Bees. Even humans are facing the wrath of pollution. Then we can imagine what it does to Honey Bees.

Other Possible Reasons for Colony Collapse Disorder:

  • Using Honey Bee Antibiotics.
  • Over usage of High-Fructose Corn Syrup.
  • Adult Bee Nutritional Fitness.
  • Stress that Adult Bees are facing.
  • Lack of Genetic Diversity
  • Lack of Lineage of Bees.
  • Availability of Natural Food Sources
  • Availability of quality food sources

These are the different possible Colony Collapse Disorder Causes in Honey Bees. One has to find the Colony Collapse Disorder Solutions. Otherwise, we might see Bees go extinct. If that happens, the whole world will go extinct. Furthermore, check the below link to know more about Commercial Honey BeeKeeping.

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