Organic Pest Management in Aloe Vera Farming/Cultivation

What are the Aloe Vera Pest Control Measures: Nowadays many people know about Aloe Plant. Many are growing it. Since it has many health benefits, a number of people are growing this Medicinal Plant on their farm, in their houses, etc. In recent times, many people are growing Aloe Vera Plant for commercial purposes. They are tying up with pharmaceutical and ayurvedic companies. Because of this, they are earning some good profit margins with Aloe Vera Farming. Though this is one of the easiest crops to grow, it also has some disadvantages. One such is Pest Incidence in Aloe Vera Farming.

There are not many Pests that attack Aloe Vera Plant. But once you see the attack, the plants will end up dead or with poor quality. Hence one should follow proper Pest Management in Aloe Vera Cultivation. But not many know about the Control Measures for Pest in Aloe Plant. Hence we have listed a few methods that you can try. Furthermore, this is a Medicinal plant that has economic importance. Hence you cannot use the Pesticide in Aloe Vera. You should opt for Organic Methods which do not involve any chemicals. We have exactly come up with Organic Aloe Vera Pest Control Measures.

List of Aloe Vera Pest Control Measures & Methods:

There are quite a few methods that you can follow. Some of the basic methods are to remove the infected Aloe Plants. Apart from that, you can see other methods in the below section.

1. Organic Sprays:

Use Chillies, Onions, and Garlic to prepare this Spray. Ground them and mix them with water. Once you have done this, spray it on the Aloe Vera Plant. Apart from that, you can also use Neem Sprays which is efficient in killing Pests.

2. Beneficial Insects on Aloe Vera Plant:

There are many beneficial insects that feed on harmful insects. One such beneficial insect is Ladybugs. They are efficient in eating and killing the Aphids in Aloe Vera Farming. Hence you can let loose the Ladybugs in your Aloe Vera Cultivating Plot. They do not harm your Aloe Yield at all.

3. Biological Poisons in Aloe Vera Farm:

This is another way to kill the Pests that attack Aloe Vera Crop. One of the best Biological Poison is Ethyl Alcohol. You have to have to mix a few drops of Bleach Ethyl Alcohol in water. After that, you have to spray this solution on the places where you find the Pest Incidence.

4. Homemade Solutions:

You can prepare some solutions at home. One such is the Alcohol swabs in water and making it rest for overnight and spray the next day. Another one is to put snuff in water and let it soak for a night. While you can use both these solutions to spray on the Pests in Aloe Vera Farming.

5. Soap Washes to Kill Aloe Pests:

You can use the soap with water and prepare a liquid. You can spray this on the Aloe Plants which will kill the pest infestation.

These are the various ways in Aloe Vera Pest Control Measures. You can use any of the above methods to control the Aloe Pests. Furthermore, check below to know the Diseases Attacking Aloe Vera Cultivation in India.

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