How to Start Commercial Aloe Vera Farming Guide for Beginners in India

Aloe Vera Farming

Easy Steps to Start Commercial Aloe Vera Cultivation in India: There is no point in explaining all the Benefits of Aloe Vera Cultivation in India. We can simply say the bottom line that it is changing the lives of many farmers. That too, the lives of farmers in drought-prone and drought-hit parts of India. A farmer is getting a huge Aloe Vera Price Per KG than the other crops that he grows. Hence many farmers are following this in India. They are going and attending the Aloe Vera Farming Training in various parts of the country. And then coming back and gaining huge Aloe Vera Profit per Acre.

Tips to Start Aloe Vera Cultivation in India

Apart from that, Aloe Vera Cultivation and Marketing in India has a good scope. This will increase in the coming days even more because of the medicinal properties of Aloe Vera. If you want to start this business on your farm, then check the below Aloe Aera Farming Project Report pdf. This will serve the people who are searching for How to Start Commercial Aloe Vera Farming pdf on the internet. Furthermore, if you are searching for Aloe Vera Farming in Hindi, then you can translate this page.

How to Start Commercial Aloe Vera Cultivation in India:

To provide you some important information, we have tried our best. While we have given different aspects of Aloe Vera Farming in India. You can check them in the below section to know the different Steps to Start Commercial Aloe Vera Cultivation.

1. Suitable Climate For Commercial Aloe Cultivation:

The best feature of this Aloe Vera is its adaptability. You can find this Aloe Vera in any type of Climatic Conditions. As we all know, it can easily thrive in hot extreme conditions. You can confirm this by the Aloe Vera Cultivation in Rajasthan, Gujarat States. The only thing that you have to consider while Starting Aloe Farming is there should not have any cold temperatures. While Aloe Vera cannot tolerate extreme Cold Conditions. It can grow in the areas with 50 to 300 mm annual rainfall.

2. Suitable Soils For Farming of Aloe Vera:

This is another important aspect that you have to consider. For your kind information, let me tell you that you can grow this plant in any kind of soils. They are famous to grow in the soils ranging from Sandy Coastal Soils to the Loamy Soils. You can also grow Aloe Vera in Light Soils. Aloe Vera even can tolerate higher pH soils. The Best Soil for Aloe Vera Farming is Medium-Fertile Heavy Soils. While the Best pH range for Aloe Vera Plantation is 7-8.5.

3. High Yielding Aloe Vera Varieties Of Aloe Vera Plantation

There are a number of Aloe Vera Varieties which gives you the high yield. You should select only these Aloe Vera varieties if you care about the Economics of Commercial Aloe Vera Farming in India. Furthermore, check the below list of Aloe Vera Varieties.

Aloe barbedensis
A. chinensis
A. perfoliata
A. vul-garis
A. indica
A. littoralis
A. Abyssinia

4. Best Spacing in Aloe Vera Plantation:

If you have some knowledge about Spacing, then you will understand that it is one of the important things to good yield. Apart from that, it also helps in the healthy maintenance of the crop. Furthermore, if you are searching for What is the Best Spacing in Aloe Vera Farming, then let me tell you that it is 40 cm x 45 cm. You can also follow 60 cm x 30 cm Spacing in Aloe Vera Cultivation. While most of the Aloe Vera Farmers follow this spacing in India.

5. Desirable Plant Population of Aloe Vera:

Apart from the Spacing Plant Population is also important. You cannot grow any number of Aloe Vera Plants on your Farm. Hence there is a specified number of Aloe Vera Plant Population. The Plant Population in Aloe Vera Cultivation is around 22,500 plants per Acre. Furthermore, if you convert that into Hectares, then the plant population of Aloe Vera Plantation is about 55,000 plants per Hectare.

6. Land Preparation and Planting in Commercial Aloe Vera Farming:

You have to give priority to this Land Preparation. First of all, you have to plow your land thoroughly. After that, you should add about 20 t/ha Farmyard Manure. Now you should prepare the Ridges and Furrows at 45 cm apart. Furthermore, if necessary, you should provide one irrigation.

7. Planting of Aloe Vera Suckers:

You have to plant the Aloe Vera Suckers in the land at 40 cm x 45 cm apart. You should select only disease-free and high yielding varieties if you want to Start Commercial Aloe Vera Cultivation.

8. Manure and Fertilizer Application in Aloe Vera Farming:

For any plant, manuring is necessary. So does to this Commercial Aloe Vera Cultivation. While you have to add 20 t/ha FYM at the time of land preparation. Apart from that, you can also add vermicompost to the Aloe Cultivation. You can add up to 2.5 t/ha Vermicompost post the Planting of Aloe Vera Suckers.

9. Irrigation in Aloe Vera Farming Project:

This is a drought-resistant plant. It requires less water for sustenance. Yet, you have to provide irrigation to it. Many Aloe Vera Farmers in India follow Drip Irrigation in Aloe Vera Cultivation Project. While you have to provide irrigation early in the morning and in the evening.

10. Aloe Plant Protection from Diseases:

A fungus is a common problem in the Commercial Aloe Vera Farming. Since it causes leaf spot disease in Aloe Vera. Furthermore, you have to use fungicides to control the Leaf Spot Disease in Aloe Vera. If not, you will incur low-quality Aloe Vera Leaf.

This the process to Start Commercial Aloe Vera Cultivation in India. We hope that the information is helpful to you. Furthermore, click on the below link to know more about Aloe Vera Farming in India.

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