Expected Income Returns & Profits in Commercial Mushroom Farming/Cultivation

Mushroom Farming

What is the Commercial Mushroom Farming Profit Margins: If you are reading this, then it is pretty much evident that you want to Start Mushroom Cultivation. Let me tell you that it is now one of the profitable business. If you want to know, then you can check this link for Guide to How to Start Mushroom Farming in India. It will give you the information that you are looking for. Earlier we have given information on the Cost of Mushroom Cultivation. You can check the article too have a better idea of various things. Now that you are here, we will let you know the mushroom farming profit margin. Furthermore, check below to know more.

Mushroom Yield Per Square Foot in India:

Different Mushroom Species yield differently. Some yield more while some yield less. If you see Button Mushrooms, they give a total of 10 to 15 kg mushroom yield per square foot. If you cultivate mushrooms in a 250 square foot, then the total yield is up to 2,500 – 3,750kgs. While the Oyster Mushroom which is the other popular mushroom variety yields a total of 12 kg per square foot in India. The total oyster mushroom yield per 250 square foot is 3,000 kgs. While if you see the Cost of Mushroom per KG, Button sells for Rs. 120 to 150. While the Oyster Mushroom is about Rs. 150.

Commercial Mushroom Farming Profit Margins in India:

From the above table, you can get to know the mushroom farming profit margin. If you see the table, you can get to know that the income is about Rs. 3,00,000. While the net profit in mushroom farming in India is about Rs. 1,40,000.

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Mushroom Cultivation Profit Analysis in India:

Here in this section, you are going to see the mushroom cultivation profit margin. We have given detailed information in the below section.

  • The Total Yield of Button Mushroom per 1 Square Foot is 10 Kg to 15 kg.
  • While the same Yield per 250 square foot is about 2,500 kg.
  • If you see the Cost of Button Mushroom per KG in the market, it is about Rs. 120.
  • Now the Total Cost of Button Mushroom for 2,500 kgs @ Rs. 120 is Rs. 3,00,000.
  • Total Recurring Cost of Mushroom Farming Rs. 1,60,000
  • The Net Profit of Mushroom Farming per year is Rs. 1,40,000

This is all about the Mushroom Farming Profits in India. If you maintain properly, you will get good profits. Furthermore, check the link below to know more about Commercial Mushroom Farming.

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