Benefits Of Having a Cat in Your Farm

Barn cats

Having a cat on your farm can be a significant benefit. When it comes to felines, no one is more likely to drive away vermin. Little wonder so many farmers choose to have working cats on their farms. It makes good sense. Barn cats can be a great way of deterring rats and mice from your barn. But, they can also protect your livestock from foxes and other animals. Usually, the presence of a cat is a good deterrent for a fox. They often scurry off, leaving your livestock alive and intact.

As you can see, there are some fantastic benefits to introducing a cat to your farm. But, how can this be achieved? Taking a cat and making it a working animal can be a tough transition.

Barn Cats: The Ultimate Farm Companion

Barn cats can be hugely beneficial in stopping rodents and rats from attacking your crops, machinery and from causing damage. They are the best kind of deterrent on the market. But, barn cats can suffer from a broad range of problems. Fleas, ticks, and parasites can all get to outdoor cats. Of course, this can be easily remedied. So, do be sure to keep your outdoor cat’s health in tip-top condition. This will ensure that your cat is fit for work. You can see more at

It’s vital that you don’t put a small kitten into the barn to work. Kittens do not have the basic skills to survive. What’s more, they may end up as someone’s prey. If your cat has had kittens and they are used to being outside, it may be wise to keep them as barn cats. But, if you are finding a new cat to take over the duties, keep them in a small, enclosed space outside with plenty of bedding and warmth. Cats that are raised indoors as pets do not make good working cats. To ensure that your working cat is at least one year old before you start working them in the barn.

Finding the Perfect Cat

Strays can make fantastic additions to your farm. Be sure to feed them and incentivize them into staying. Food is usually all it takes with cats. But, if you don’t have any strays on your farm, it may be wise to source a cat from a seller. Do make sure that you opt for a short haired cat. Matted fur can be a serious problem for a working cat. What’s more, a female cat is usually a better hunter than a male. Calicos are historically the best breed of working cat as they have excellent hunting instincts.

Caring For Your Cat

Even if your cat is deemed as a working cat, you cannot ignore its needs. Many people think that a diet of rodents is enough. But, bear in mind, cats won’t eat their prey. They play with it. Make sure that you are feeding your cat twice per day. For them to be savvy hunters, they need to be strong and healthy. Also, ensure that your cat has access to fresh, clean water all of the time. What’s more, shelter and warmth are imperative. Investing in a cat bed is a smart way to keep them happy. Do make sure that you deworm them twice per year too as a matter of precaution.

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