Advantages and Disadvantages of Commercial Poly House in India

Drawbacks of Poly House in India: If you are reading this, you might know what is Poly House. In case, if you are getting to know about Poly House for the first time, then check this guide. For people like you, we have brought this Guide on Poly House for Beginners. Poly House is nothing but growing of crops under a protective environment. You can control the temperature inside the Poly House. Hence, you can grow plants Summer crops in Winter and Winter crops in Summer Season. This is the biggest advantage of Polyhouse in India. Here in this guide, you will also get complete knowledge about Polyhouse Disadvantages too.

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List of Disadvantages of Poly House Farming in India:

  • Excessive heat in summers can become a problem for Poly House Farming.
  • It results in the lower replenishment of the Carbon Di-Oxide supply.
  • If you use low-quality films for Poly House Farming, then it can easily tear during Monsoon Seasons.
  • The Cost of Poly House Farming is also high.
  • Lack of Proper Knowledge also leads to huge problems for farmers.
  • Requires Skilled Labor.
  • High Maintenance Cost.
  • Have to maintain the site free from outside microbes and other dirt.

What are the Advantages of Poly House Farming in India:

  • We have mentioned earlier that you can control the temperature inside the Poly House Farming. Irrespective of Sunlight, Harsh Winds, Rains, you can grow whatever you want.
  • You can maintain temperature according to your crop.
  • You can grow a particular crop throughout the year.
  • Complete Protection from Pest and Insects.
  • The requirement of Labor is very less.
  • Water and Fertilizer requirement is also very less.
  • You can get superior quality yield.
  • High yields when you compare to Open Farming or Conventional Farming.
  • These are the different Advantages of Poly House. Since the benefits are numerous with this type of Modern Agriculture, people are opting for this in recent times.

Expected Poly House Farming Profit:

Without a question, one can get high returns. The Returns that a farmer gets with Open Air Farming is very meager. Polyhouse Farming Produce is 8 times more than open farming. Also, the returns are by a high-profit margin. As per the records, Poly House Farming Returns are more than 90% during the off-seasons. Though the initial Cost of Poly House is more, you will recover them in no time.

These are the different advantages and disadvantages of Polyhouse Farming in India. Furthermore, we will try to bring the Cost of Polyhouse Farming in India. To know more about it you can bookmark our website.

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