What is the Cost of Starting up a Commercial Poly House Farm in India

What is the Commercial Polyhouse Farming Cost in India: If you want to start Poly House on your farm, this is the question you will face. It is not only you but anyone who wants to Start Poly House in India will have this. Earlier we have given information on How to Start Polyhouse Farm in India. You can utilize that information if you want to know how to start it. Now, here you will get the information regarding the Cost of Commercial Polyhouse Farm in India. All you need to do is to check the below information that we have given to you.

Expected Commercial Polyhouse Farming Cost in India:

If you want to start this business, you will require a lot of investments. For example, you will require Poly House design, Polyhouse Construction Materials. Let me tell you that the Polyhouse Farming Project Report is a costly affair. Hence not many farmers are coming forward to it. You have to select the Low-Cost Polyhouse Technology. Furthermore, if you want to construct the playhouse, you can go to any Polyhouse Construction Companies in the market. While they will provide you with various Polyhouse Construction pdf from which you can select one.

Below are the Cost of Commercial Polyhouse for an Area of 4000 sq.ft./acre

For one square meter – Rs. 900 – 1000
Total cost is Rs 33.75lakhs/acre
State Government Subsidy For PolyHouse – Rs 25.3 lakhs/acre
Farmers Contribution For Polyhouse – Rs 8.45 lakhs/acre

You cannot Start a Commercial Polyhouse on your own. Since you can see the range above. No small farmer can go to it with such high prices. Hence they have to use the Telangana Government Subsidy on Polyhouse and from other governments. This is all about the Commercial Polyhouse Farming Cost in India. Furthermore, check below to know more about Commercial Polyhouse Cultivation in India.

Expected Income Returns in the PolyHouse Farming in India

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