Benefits of Organic Pest Control

Benefits Of Organic Pest Control

As the name suggests, this refers to methods of controls of pests in gardens and landscapes without using artificial chemicals. That is, it entails the use of organic substances that contain carbon atoms which can be broken down by soil microorganisms into nutrients.

Here are some of the core benefits of embracing organic pest control methods.

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Environmentally friendly:

Synthetic chemicals used to control pests are the leading causes of water, air, and soil pollution. This, in turn, affects various natural cycles such as the nutrient cycle negatively. Additionally, most of them contain a high level of toxic elements such as lead. Consumption of water or food that contains such elements can lead to cancers and other life-threatening diseases.


Most of the organic chemicals are manufactured from locally available resources and so they are more affordable and readily available as compared to other conventional substances.

Promote environmental wellness and sustainable use of natural resources by embracing organic pest control methods.

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