Organic Alternatives in Gardening And Pest Control

pest control

Gardening has gone into more directions than the traditional one of mass planting in open fields. Today’s gardeners may opt for ulterior methods to keep pests at a minimum. Growing food or other plants under cover can be done without extreme expense by using appropriate sized buildings or greenhouses to meet needs. These can range from small structures covered with fabric to allow light and rain penetration while keeping pests out to glass paned and screened greenhouses that are more permanent. Even small tabletop greenhouses can be used for things such as lettuce or herb gardens, providing gardeners with delicious bug and contaminant free crops.

Plucking pests by hand and putting them into a can of soapy is one method for outdoor grown crops. A water hose blast is another alternative if the garden bed is very large. Having bird feeders or floral attractants can provide natural ways to combat pests while adding interest to garden areas. Organic as well as chemical methods can be used depending on the gardener’s personal preference.

An alternative to traditional gardening uses no soil at all. Water gardening with nutrients added can produce good tomatoes and other above-ground vegetables. Monitoring plant growth habits is important to provide proper additives. Another method uses non-soil components which gives the stability of traditional soil without the worries of dirt. People who suffer from dust allergies may be able to garden better with any of these nontraditional methods since outdoor pollens and air qualities are lessened.

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