How Much Does it Cost to Start a Commercial Mushroom Farming in India

Mushroom Farming

What is the Commercial Mushroom Cultivation Cost in India: In the current scenario, Mushroom Farming is having a tremendous Scope in India. It is providing good profits for the cultivators. This is helping others to start cultivating mushrooms. With the recent craze, the cultivation of mushrooms has gained importance as a form of profits earning business. Since Mushrooms are not only helping just as an appetite, it also has some good medicinal properties. Hence the number of people preferring it is increasing. Also, it is vegetarian food which is equal to the Chicken and Mutton. This is also giving the Mushroom Cultivation in a push that it requires.

In the last article of ours, we have given information on How to Start Mushroom Farming in India. If you read that article, you will get to know some of the things that you have to follow in Mushroom Cultivation. In case, you have made your mind in starting this business, the first and foremost thing that comes to your mind is the Cost of Mushroom Farming. It is not only to you but also to many the same question to face. Hence we have come up with this article that will give you the total cost of mushroom cultivation in India. Furthermore, check the below information.

Expected Commercial Mushroom Cultivation Cost for Beginners:

Here we are going to give you the Total Cost of Mushroom Farming in India. First, you will see the table for the non-recurring Costs in Mushroom Cultivation on a small scale.

The Total Non-Recurring Costs in Mushroom Cultivation: Rs. 1,50,000

The Total Recurring Costs in Mushroom Farming: Rs. 40,000
The Total Recurring Expenses for 4 crops (40,000 x 4): Rs. 1,60,000

The above-given figures are the approximate and expected Costs that you have to invest in Start Mushroom Farming in India. Furthermore, check the link below to know more about Mushroom Farming for Beginners.

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