Best ways to Get Rid of Lice & Nits

The life cycle of head lice

There are three distinct stages of lice. First, comes the eggs or ‘nits’, which after hatches becomes a ‘nymphs,’ which again after seven days become full-grown lice. The lice eggs are minute in size and hatch into the nymphs in about seven days’ time. Again in seven days, the nymphs become full-size adult lice.

Prevention is better than having lice

Research and know more about lice to keep it at bay. You must clean your hair and check for lice at regular intervals. Try not sharing comb and other hair accessories to avoid getting lice from other people.

Getting rid of head lice along with lice eggs can be summed up into completely natural methods.

  • Mixing vinegar with water and washing your hair
  • Massage using coconut oil on the scalp will help to choke and eventually kill the lice
  • Using a hair shampoo along with a conditioner which has tea tree oil as its main ingredient
  • By putting freshly squeezed lemon juice will help you to remove lice and its eggs from the hair
  • Using a lice comb is an easy way to bring out lice from the hair
  • Apply a mixture of olive oil with oil of neem leaves is a great way of getting rid of this pesky insect.

Trying to get rid of lice? Here’s what you should do

One of the most used tips and tricks to remove lice and nits is that you must be aware of which all methods are good for removing full-grown lice and which all are more effective for cleaning your hair from nits. Not all methods are suitable for removing both lice and lice eggs and hence, clear knowledge regarding the life cycle of lice is also very important so that you know what you should exactly do so that easily these fleas are eradicated.

1. Diluted Vinegar

This is one of the best methods of getting rid of lice eggs, which are usually stuck on your scalp. It is true for a fact that vinegar is not that strong a solution to kill fully grown lice, but a little vinegar mixed with some water is effective enough to eradicate the eggs completely. Vinegar has strong antiseptic properties which are helpful in cleaning the sticky deposit of the eggs through which they hold on to the scalp.

2. Coconut Oil

Lice hate oily scalps and when coconut oil is massaged into the hair, it tends to remove the lice. Though it is a temporary solution to have a lice-free scalp, still one can apply a good brand coconut oil as the oiliness makes it hard for these pesky fleas to hang on to your hair.

3. Tree Tea Oil

Opting for hair products that have tea tree properties is great for solving hair as well as scalp related problems. Not only can you get your scalp free of lice, but also, you can get rid of dandruff and hair fall. Look for the most popular hair products which have tea tree components in them and start using those to make your hair free from lice and their babies.

4. Lemon juice

Great for treating lice eggs, juice of lemon consist of citric acid, which softens the substance which holds the egg together on the scalp. Wait for approximately ten minutes before washing your hair to get nits free scalp. After washing, it is recommended you use a wide-tooth comb to brush your hair vigorously as upon brushing you will find that the nits along with young lice are falling off from your hair.

5. Lice comb

Purchase a lice comb and brush your hair with it regularly. The tooth of the comb will bring out the nits along with the lice with regular application. You can easily get a comb specially designed to get rid of lice online.

6. Neem and Olive Oil

You can create a mix of both the oils from neem and olive and put it on your hair and scalp. Don’t forget to massage nicely. There is an insecticidal property in the neem plant which helps in interrupting the process of reproduction of these insects, growing on your scalp and hair. Hence, massaging the combination of these two oils can help you in eliminating this hair problem permanently.


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