Organic ways to get Rid of Fruit Flies and Gnats

Fruit flies and gnats often invade our house as they are attracted to the food but using chemicals to get rid of them is not always a feasible option. Are you tired of chasing fruit flies that have occupied your kitchen and soil all the food you prepare? There are organic and environmentally friendly ways to get rid of them using organic homemade preparation. Identifying gnats and fruit flies sometimes becomes difficult as there are many similar insects in nature.

First, identify the insects

The first thing that is prominent is their small size and cause a lot of trouble invading mostly kitchen, damp areas, and gardens. If they are not taken care of at the right time, they start breeding and increasing their population. They are present both indoors and outdoors but identifying the insects is very important. They are present in different types and it is not that difficult to differentiate between them if you check them properly.

All the gnats are small in size and black in color, most of them look the same. You can identify the different varieties if you look at them closely. The most common type of gnat that invades people’s houses is the one found on potted plants and fly around the house plant. They are attracted mostly towards the soil quality and if it is not that great, it is mostly found inside the house. The second type of gnats is present in the drains and also found near the kitchen and bathroom. The reproduction rate of the gnats is very high which is why it is very important to get rid of them as soon as possible. On making a comparison, the fruit flies are larger in size and have a slightly different color as they have a brown color head. On comparing them with gnats they have a black colored head. However, it is not easy to identify them unless checked under a microscope.

Organic Remedies to Kill Fruit Flies and Gnats

There are many synthetic methods that can be used for getting rid of gnats and fruit flies but it is better to try organic methods first. There are places which is more infected by the fruit flies and gnats and it is recommended the home remedies should be tried anywhere near the proximity. Although the organic methods are not always 100% successful in many cases has helped in curbing the situation.

1. Vinegar Trap

It is easy and can be prepared at home with a few kitchen ingredients. The things required to prepare this are very common which include apple cider vinegar, dish soap, sugar, water, and container. Mix all the ingredients together in a container that includes two tablespoons of vinegar, 1 tablespoon of sugar, few drops of soap along with 1L of water. The mixture is to be sprinkled to the most affected area where the insects die to the smell of the vinegar as they stick to the soap.

2. Use Red Wine

The insects cannot bear the smell of red wine as well and are attracted to the wine. As soon as the insects reach and make contact with the wine, they die of drowning. The wine can be mixed with dish soap and this makes the gnats heavy for flying as they stick to them. Wine along with soapy water can be poured in a container and kept in places mostly infested by them.

3. Use Bleach

If fruit flies and gnats have manifested your kitchen, the problem can be reduced by taking care of the drainage system. The sinks can be maintained by pouring bleach and it needs to be diluted in water first. The bleach diluted with ammonia reduces the problem of the insects through an efficient drainage system.

4. Fruit Trap

Most of the fruit flies and gnats attract rotten fruits and it is an efficient method to curb the problem of increasing insects. Use a container to place the rotten fruit and cover the container with plastic by putting in some holes in it. Due to the smell of the rotten fruit, the insects get attracted and stick on the plastic.

5. Fogging Products

If the organic methods are not working great, there are products available in the market to reduce the manifestation of these insects. Gnat can be efficiently reduced with the help of fogging product which is mostly used for chasing away insects on the outside.  Some of the commonly used products are Burgess Insect Fogger, Hot Shot Insect Fogger, etc.

6. Gnat Trap

Another effective way to reduce insects is the use of Gnat Trap which is designed to trap the insects and provide an effective solution to curb the growth of the insects. It is mainly used for fungus gnats and traps them the moment they leave the soil.

The insects are responsible for creating a lot of havoc in the kitchen and other places. It is important to get rid of them at the soonest as they breed very quickly. The home remedies are very effective in treating the problem but it is also important to take the assistance of market products in case organic solutions are not working.

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