Home remedies to get rid of Ants

Ants though tiny can get you on toes. Here’s how to get rid of them.


  • Use Cayenne pepper
  • Use lemon water solution.
  • Use vinegar solution.
  • Use dish soap solution
  • Use Diatomaceous Earth powder

Get Rid of Ants Natural way

Natural pesticides are more environmentally-friendly and safer than chemical pesticides. Most organic pesticides break down naturally, reducing the chance of polluting or contaminating the soil or water. When applied correctly, they can be very effective at pest control.

Now let us talk about few home remedies to get rid of ants.

1Use lemon water to drive ants away

Lemon water is prepared by adding some water to lime juice. This mixture can be sprayed on the areas under ant attack. It is advised to spray a few times daily to ensure this method works effectively and quickly.

2Use vinegar to block ant’s path

This is similar to above method. But here, we have to add water to vinegar and spray this mixture on affected areas. Since unused vinegar is easily available in our kitchens, this method is easy and handy. We just need to take care of one thing, since vinegar is strong, it has a pungent odor. So it should only be used if the family members can stand this smell.

3Dish soap is harmful to ants

Dish detergents and soaps contain a lot of chemicals and also have the capacity to break the exoskeleton of ants into layers. This leads to dehydration and ultimately death of ants. In this method also, the soap should be diluted with water and the sprayed at the entry points or on the path which ants follow.

Most effective organic ant killer products

Ants can create huge problems and spread out quickly. It is always better to take care of these problems immediately once identified. You can follow below easy and quick methods to get rid of the ant problem. Also, these products are highly effective and useful.

Diatomaceous Earth:

Diatomaceous earth is made up of the fossil remains of marine phytoplankton. This powder works by scraping against the exoskeleton of the ants which dehydrates them eventually letting them die due to the shortage of inner body fluid. You can sprinkle this powder on high traffic areas of ants. The results are visible within few days or weeks.

TERRO Liquid Ant Bait

This liquid is known and designed to attract the most trouble causing household ants. This liquid slowly affects their digestive system once consumed by the ants leading to their death. This product is available online.

Pest Soldier Spray

This spray is the natural and non-toxic solution for those looking this type of way out. Its ingredients are non-toxic and can be used for all house bugs like fleas, ants, stinkbugs and cockroaches.

How to prevent Ant Infestations

We should avoid the entry of ants in first place by maintaining hygiene and cleanliness in kitchen and dining areas. We should follow below methods to be proactive to avoid an ant entry.

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