List of Commercial Beekeeping Equipment and Their Uses

Beekeeping Equipment

Commercial Beekeeping Equipment List in India: If you want to Start Commercial Beekeeping at Home or in case if you want to Start Commercial Honey Bee Farming in India, then you definitely need the Beekeeping Equipment. There are a number of tools used in Beekeeping in India. In case you are in a situation where you do not know What are the Beekeeping methods and equipment, then you have to check this information. Since we have given here the Beekeeping Equipment List here, you can make use of it. Earlier we have provided information on Best Tips to Start Commercial Beekeeping in India. As a continuation, we have come up with this Beekeeping Tools and Equipment.

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List of Apiculture Equipment in India:

Commercial Beekeeping Equipment List in India:

Not many people know what are the different types of equipment necessary for this Agri-business. In case you want to know such information, you can contact the other beekeepers. Until then, you can use this information, that we are providing you.

1. Hive Tool:

The first that comes in this list is Hive Tool. This is a must and should for Beekeeping. You must have a doubt that what is the use of this Hive Tool. You must have an idea that Bees build hives and they attach to each other. They are not easy to separate because of the resin-like Propolis. Hence this Hive Toll will help you to detach, cut, scrape the bee combs from the hives. Without this Hive Tool, you cannot do all the above things. Hence try to buy this where many people are ready for this Beekeeping Equipment Sale.

2. Smoker:

You will realize how useful this Smoker is when you face some aggressive bees. Many times, Bees do not allow anyone to enter near their hives. They sting with the poison too. In case, if you are in such situation, then you can use this Smoker to shoo away the Bees. This is one of the easily available Beekeeping Equipment in India.

3. Jacket With Hat Veil:

Again, this is one of the important Beekeeping Equipment. You cannot go near to the hives without covering yourself. This Jacket will cover your face too since it has a veil. It will also enable you to see the beehive. With wearing this Bee Jacket on, you can go without having any kind of issues near the Beehives. Hence this is one of the important in this Beekeeping Equipment PDF.

4. Gloves:

For this type of farming, you definitely require Gloves. This is to maintain cleanliness while removing the honey. Also, it will help you to remain free from stickiness. Apart from these two uses of Gloves, they will also help you free from Bee Stings.

5. Bee Brush:

Bee Brush has more uses than what you can ever imagine of. It will help you in gently move the bees from the comb. This has a huge role to play during the removal of Swarm. Hence you have to have this last one in this Beekeeping Equipments and Their Uses PDF.

These are some of the equipment that you use in Honey Bee Farming in India. We have also enlisted the uses of those Beekeeping Equipments too. Furthermore, check below to know more about How to Start Commerical Apiculture in India.

How to Start Commercial Beekeeping in India

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