How to Start Commercial Beekeeping at Home in India


How to Start Commercial Beekeeping at Home in India: If you’re thinking about starting Honey Bee Farming, you should visit this place. Here we are going to throw some insights on How to Start Commerical Honey Bee Farming in India. Since in the recent past Honey Bee Farming has gained some popularity, it is definitely a profitable business. Although this is a lucrative undertaking, not many people in India know how to start apiculture. By the end of this Guide on How to Start Beekeeping Beginners, you will have some idea on it. Before getting into the process, you need to know Steps to Start Commercial Honey Bee Keeping in India. You can check that information by clicking on that link.

Requirements to Know How to Start a Beehive in Your Backyard:

  • Beekeeping Knowledge
  • Sufficient Flora in the Beekeeping Locality
  • Bee flora experience in the beekeeping area
  • Should also have an idea of Migratory Beekeeping

Site Requirements to Know How to Start Beekeeping Beginners:

  • The Honey Bee Farming site should have a good amount of flora where Honey Bees can thrive with nectar.
  • Make sure that the Apiculture site does not have any dampness. Since high relative humidity will affect the yield of nectar.
  • The site should have a clean water source.
  • You may install artificial shades and keep the hives in the beekeeping site under the tree shades.

Types of Honey Bees for Apiculture in India:

  • The Rock Bee
  • Indian Bee
  • The Little Bee
  • The European Bee

Different Commercial Beekeeping Equipment and Uses in India:

How to Start Commercial Beekeeping at Home in India

Here we are going to explain to you two methods that Beekeepers are using. You should know both these methods if you want to Start Commercial Honey Bee Farming at Home.

1. Indigenous Methods of Beekeeping in India:

  • In this Indigenous Methods, you have to prepare walls of hives.
  • They should have rectangular spaces on the walls. Make sure that these walls have small perforations or holes which will enable the incoming and outgoing of Honeybees.
  • Some of the Beekeepers in India prepare Movable Hives. They do this in either wooden boxes or in the pitchers.
  • Usually, the Traditional Beekeepers in India catch swarms and transfer them to these wooden boxes or pitchers.
  • Then the Swarms make this new wooden boxes as their home and they start to collect the nectar.
  • In not less than a month, you can see the bees collecting the honey and making a comb.
    When the honey is ready, you have to Harvest the Honey from the Bee Comb.

2. Modern Hives in Honey Beekeeping in India:

  • In this Method of Beekeeping, the hives are in square boxes. All the square boxes are one above the other.
  • You should fill these wooden frames with wax. When you transfer the bees, they start to prepare their comb in these square boxes.
  • There is only one entrance in this method of honey bee farming boxes. Honey Bees will come and go only through this entrance.
  • While the main advantage of this Modern Hive is collecting the nectar.

These are the different beekeeping methods in India. We hope you have some information about starting commercial beekeeping in India, so you can check the National Bee Board. In addition, check the link below to learn more about Honey Bee Raising in India.

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