What is Urban Horticulture and Types of Urban Horticulture


What is Urban Horticulture in India: Interconnecting Plants and Urban Environment’s art and science is nothing but Urban Horticulture. For urban areas where there is less canopy, it encourages the growth of horticultural plants. Ornamental crops, horticultural plants, fruit plants, and other plants are included in this urban horticulture. This new concept has taken on a huge role in Concrete Jungles with the increase in pollution and temperature. We wrote about the benefits of urban horticulture earlier. We’re going to let you know about the Urban Horticulture Forms in India in this article now.

Value of Urban Horticulture and Urban Gardening:

These are days of increasing demand and interest in this new concept. The magnitude of their situation has been understood by the people living in urban areas. The pollution, the rising temperature, makes the government take steps to support this Indian Urban Gardening. When Urban Horticulture continues to have the same range and significance, we may also see greenery in the cities and towns. Urban horticulture has many forms. In the section below, we presented the List of Urban Gardening in India. You can take a look at the details below.

List of Urban Horticulture Types in India:

Not many people know that there are many other branches of Urban Horticulture. That’s why we’ve got all the types in the list below.

Terrace Gardening: Terrace Gardening is nothing about growing vegetable and ornamental plants on the Terrace. In the towns, where individual families are showing a lot of interest, this type of terrace gardening is growing. Roof Gardening is also Terrace Gardening’s famous name.

Vegetable Gardening: Another name for Vegetable Garden is Kitchen Garden and Backyard Gardening. This is just like the gardening of the terrace. The only difference is that you are going to grow plants in your backyard or any other available space. In addition, you’re not going to grow plants in Terrace in this style.

Balcony Gardening: The City Apartments have very little space. Balcony Gardening grows on the balcony with plants. This will serve the purpose of leisure. Ornamental plants such as roses, vegetable plants such as tomatoes, etc. may grow.

Green Parks: Green Parks is another part of this latest technology. We are all familiar with parks. But the number of parks in the cities is increasing these days. Therefore, to aspire for a better environment, we must bring them back.

Guerilla Gardening: Growing plants are called Guerilla Gardening in the form of buses in areas that are of no interest. These are beneficial in growing the metropolitan area’s greenery.

Allotment Gardens: The government is allowing some land just to start a garden. This is very helpful to increase the canopy in the urban areas.

Community Gardens: This is pretty much similar to the Allotment Gardens. A huge piece of land is being used for this Allotment Gardens and they are growing vegetables and fruit crops. This Community Garden is being raised by both communities and NGOs.

These are the different List of Urban Horticulture Types. We hope that you have got an idea regarding the Urban Gardening Types. Furthermore, check the below link to know more.

How to State Urban Horticulture/ Gardening

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