Costs and Profit Margins of Commercial Polyhouse Farming in India

What is the Commercial Polyhouse Farming Costs Income Margins: There are a number of ways to earn good profits. Out of all such Polyhouse Farming is one. Now it has got some good popularity among the farmers. Mainly because of the profits one can enjoy it. But at the same time, it a very costly affair. Hence most of them think twice before starting Polyhouse farm. First of all, most people do not know the exact amount of money that they have to invest. The government is providing a huge subsidy to the farmers, making it feasible for them. Hence we are going to give you that information here in this article. Furthermore, check below to know more about it.

Tips to Start Polyhouse Farming

Expected Commercial Polyhouse Farming Cost in India:

Now in this section, you are going to get the information only on the Various Costs of Poly House Farm. We have excluded the Costs of Land, as one has to start it on their own land. This will cut down the costs.

Below are the Cost of Commercial Polyhouse for an Area of 4000 sq.ft./acre

  • For one square meter – Rs. 900 – 1000
  • The total cost is Rs 33.75 lakhs/acre
  • State Government Subsidy For PolyHouse – Rs 25.3 lakhs/acre
  • Farmers Contribution For Polyhouse – Rs 8.45 lakhs/acre

The above costs are for an acre of the Polyhouse farm. You can see that you will have to invest only about Rs 8.45 lakhs/acre. While the rest of the money will be provided by the government in the form of a subsidy. Furthermore, check below to know the Profit Margins of Poly House Farm.

Expected Polyhouse Farming Costs Income Margins:

Here you will see the Income Margins and profits of Polyhouse Farm in India. We have collected the profits of different crop plants that you can grow in the Poly House Farm.

  • Gerberas: 40-45 lakhs/acre
  • Dutch Rose: 33-35 lakhs/acre
  • Ginger: 15-16 lakhs/acre
  • Turmeric: 14-15 lakhs/acre
  • Color Capsicum: 12-15 lakhs/acre.
  • Tomato: 12-13 lakhs/acre
  • Cucumber: 9 lakhs/acre

If you see, you will get the highest Income Returns from the Gerbera Cultivation in the Polyhouse. Hence you can select it if you want. These are the different Polyhouse Farming Costs Income Margins that you should know.

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