Best Honey Bee Species for Commercial Beekeeping in India

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Best Indian Beekeeping Honey Bee Species List: If you are thinking to Start Honey Bee Farming, then you are on a good journey. Let us appreciate you for selecting this Beekeeping out of many other Agri-Business. There is a good and valid reason too. Without a question, it is one of the best Agri-Business in current situations. Since you have opted for this, we suggest you look at this link for more about Tips to Start Commercial Beekeeping in India. Since you are going to start this business, you should also know What are Species of Honey Bees used for Honey Production. Without this information, starting apiculture will fetch you nothing.

List of Best Beekeeping Honey Bee Species in India:

There is a wide range of Honey Bee Species in India. But do all the Bee Species are suitable for Honey Production? No, there are only a few Species of Honey Bees used in Apiculture. Since it is very difficult to rare all the honey bee species in India. Check out the list of high yielding honey bee species in India.

1. Apis Dorsata: Out of all the Indian Honey Bees, this is the biggest and largest. It also has a famous name The Rock Bee. Unlike the other India Honey Bee Species, the Rock Bee will build a single large comb. You will find these species’ comb on trees and rocks. The Rock Bee (Apis Dorsata) is the highest honey yielding bee species in India. At the same, they are difficult to domesticate since they are ferocious in nature.

2. Apis Indica: This Bee has another name, The Indian Bee. They are medium in size, unlike the Rock Bee. These do not build single comb, instead, they build several parallel combs. They build these combs in dark places like in mud walls, tree trunks, earthen pots, etc. The Indian Bee (Apis Indica) is the easiest and Best Bee Species to Domesticate for Honey Bee Rearing.

3. Apis Florea: These are the smallest Indian Honey Bee Species. Hence they have the nickname, The Little Bee. These Bees too build several small parallel combs like that of the Indian Bees. But unlike the Indian Bees, they build their combs in bushes and hedges. The Little Bee (Apis Florea) is the lowest Honey Yielding Species in India. If you want better Economics of Beekeeping, then you should avoid selecting them.

4. Apis Mellifera: The other name of this Honey Bee is The European Bee. They produce some good honey yield like that of the Indian Bee. They are ferocious but you can domesticate them without much problem. When you have this Species of Honey Bee, then there is no need to try different Tips to Increase the Honey Yield in Beekeeping.

These are the different Indian Beekeeping Honey Bee Species according to the source from Kerala University. You can use the Indian Bee and The European Bee for getting the high yield of Honey Production. Furthermore, check the below information to know more about Indian Honey Production.

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