Indoor plants

An indoor plant can give you years of enjoyment when it gets the right care, also called growth conditions. The treatment, off course depends on the type of plant, it comes down to:

  • Sun, partial shade or shade
  • Water
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Food
  • Ground

When purchasing a new plant it always has a label with symbols or text on how to care for the plant. But first decide on what places you want to place a houseplant. General rule for plants – they should not be placed on the windowsill but right against the window.  Also pay attention to the heat and try to keep some distance. And finally always keep plants free from drafts. The ideal temperature is between 18 and 21 degrees. Make it no colder than about 15 degrees in house.

The plant may have roots in the soil or hydroponic stand. The choice of hydroponics you make for yourself because it is very personal with every plant and it is often based on convenience. There is clearly less care. Always observe soil – on the ground there should not be white deflection. If there is, the plant needs to be repotted. Repotting is also necessary if the root volume in the pot is compromised. Usually the best time is spring, but if it blooms in early spring you should just wait until after flowering.

There can be pests in the plant and there are many remedies available at the dealer and the garden center. Often in aerosol form, but the arrows that you put into the ground of plant is more advisable. It takes only the pests. The explanation on the packaging must be properly monitored.

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