15 Best Pots for Indoor Plants in 2024 – Buying Guide & Reviews

Many people like gardening but outside they don’t want to do it. You may have a small ‘garden’ with a selection of Pots for Indoor Plants. You do need to learn how to do stuff properly, however.

Normally it is better for the flower to get another jar. And you need the best indoor plant pots. We ‘re talking about 15 Pots for Indoor Plants.

Naturally, we ‘re also debating how to select the best Pots for Indoor Plants and replant your flowers. This means you’ve got the right details to have beautiful plants all over your house.

Choosing the best pot for your plants indoors

Houseplants are a very nice thing to have in your house. They are vibrant, bringing in color, texture, and energy. Plus, you can use plants to ease the transition from one room to another.

Plants may of course also be a focal point for a room. They even suck up extra carbon dioxide and make the breathable air a little healthier. You should then place your plants in the right pot to improve production, keep them safe, and make them work hard as an accent.

Choose Indoor Pot the Right Size

If your pot is too tall, the soil can dry out too slowly. Hence the plant is extremely susceptible to rotting roots. If the pot is too large for your plant, it could tip over and not get enough nutrients.

The soil dries out too quickly in a too-small bowl. Which means you have to water it all the time. The plant, too, may become root-bound, stunting its growth.

Ideally, you would like to put your plant in a pot about the same size it’s in right now. Choose one that is about two or four inches bigger (diameter) if you are transplanting your flowers because it’s too large for its current bowl.

If the plant grows really quickly, go bigger (four inches). Slow growers require only about two additional inches of space at a time.

Which Is The Best Plant Pot Material?

The two common potting materials are terra cotta and plastic. Plastic options are lightweight, low-cost, and colorful. Even they store more water, meaning less irrigation.

Plastic works well for wall shelf and basket hanging plants. In these cases, you wouldn’t want the extra weight.

Terra cotta is much heavier, is more costly, and has more intricate designs. These are brittle though, so you may be watering even more often. It works well for plants needing more aeration and dry soil, including orchids, cactus, and succulents.

Does your plant need holes in the drainage?

Plants aren’t doing well in standing water in most situations. The pot you choose should also have at least one drainage hole inside the bottom. Water can easily escape from it when indoor air is required.

Often, to make it more decorative, you would want a pot with no holes. You need a cachepot if that is the case.

This holds the pot that grows in your plant and is often the pretty part. Then you can actually house the flower using a standard terra cotta or plastic jar.

Even this strategy can be called double potting. The cachepot doesn’t need holes, but it needs to be large enough to accommodate the saucer and the pot where the flower grows.

You can pick any container or material you want, using a cachepot technique. Those include jars for sweets, baskets for wickers, metal frames, and glass containers.

Best Indoor Plant Pots Reviews

1. Full Depth Round Cylinder Pot

If you want something easy and beautiful, then the Full Depth potFull Depth potFull Depth potFull Depth pot is the perfect one. It is created by the company Novelty and has a deep space for planting. This stimulates the root growth of the plant and keeps it safe.

At the bottom, there is an integrated tray for collecting water. It helps protect the indoor floor, patio, deck, or. Appropriate for indoor or outdoor use.

The commodity comes in black or white. It’s also available in five sizes (6-, 8-, 10-, 12-, and 14-inch). Moreover, durable plastic offers a shiny finish.

It makes for a cleaner and more streamlined feel. It’s pretty lightweight though, so you can use it almost anywhere.

2. Umbra Trigg Hanging Planter Wall Decor Set

All that want a garden at the wall would like the brand, Umbra TriggUmbra TriggUmbra TriggUmbra Trigg. The collection of hanging planters comes in two parts. If you choose not to hang it up you can also find a desk edition.

It has elegant architecture and the vessel uses geometric shapes. The sleek and functional architecture gives your indoor spaces a sophisticated and decorative look.

It is very flexible and lightweight, though it looks sturdy. And you do not destroy the walls or smash the planter.

This is of course planned for the planting of succulents. Yet you can also use it to store other items like pencils and pens, too.

3. Fox & Fern New Set of Large Plant Pots

The Fox & Fern brandFox & Fern brandFox & Fern brandFox & Fern brand is perfect for those who want anything they can use indoors and outdoors. You get two or three major planting pots-a version of 8, 10 and 12 inches. It comes with a frame of solid wood (Walnut), too.

This hand made planting machine is made of poly stone. It means that it is thinner than the usual concrete but it is nevertheless incredibly durable. It’s heavier than other choices though, so you may want to be careful about where you put it in your house.

The wooden foundation is, of course, removable to let out excess moisture, and it comes with a drainage tube. This collection works perfectly when repot time comes when your plant grows.

4. Bloem Ariana Self Watering Planter

Bloem Ariana Self Watering Planter

If you are interested in something simple and elegant, then Bloem’s self-watering planterBloem’s self-watering planterBloem’s self-watering planterBloem’s self-watering planter is perfect. This comes in many sizes and colors. The plastic of polypropylene is protected against UV.

This means the color can last and can be used outdoors regardless of the weather. Plus the plastic is free of BPA, and you can use it for gardening dependent on fruit.

Even it has a matte finish. It will help it withstand fingerprints, dirt, and scratches.

Bear in mind that this product contains no drainage holes. This does have labels, however, and you can make your own holes with a combination of drill or hammer/nail. You can also use it as a cachepot and simply remove the plant and regularly dump the water out.

5. Self Aerating Self Watering High Drainage Planter Pot

Most people want gardening to be easy. You need a self-watering, self-aerating planter potself-aerating planter potself-aerating planter potself-aerating planter pot for this. The one developed by HBServices USA does both. The proprietary architecture makes a self-watering feature in the planter ‘s body.

The pot’s hollow legs go into the tank, so that the soil absorbs moisture, and raises the plant above the surface. The root system is still not filled, but it does have ample water it needs.

Of course, it is also self-aerating and has built-in slats in its frame. Oxygen will also pass through the roots and through the soil. It prevents rotting, mold growth, and fungal growth.

6. Costa Farms ZZ Zamioculcas zamiifolia, Indoor Plant

The brand Costa FarmsCosta FarmsCosta FarmsCosta Farms has a beautiful decorative planter that comes with a particular ZZ (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) plant. It’s therefore appropriate only for that particular product. You may want to remove the plant and add your own but you pay for both the plant and the product.

The plant grows under both natural and artificial light. It’s about 12 inches tall when it ships, but it continues to expand with time. The decor planter is made of recyclable material and is 6 inches in diameter.

It even comes with a detachable saucer, so it won’t spill during delivery or at home.

7. Bloem Saturn Planter with Saucer

The Bloem Saturn PlanterBloem Saturn PlanterBloem Saturn PlanterBloem Saturn Planter is a basic pot with an adjustable, detachable saucer. It keeps the water well but it also helps the plant to escape quickly. Pre-drilled holes are present in this product and in the sower.

This comes in several colors and contains plastic manufactured from UV-stabilized polypropylene. And you can easily plant vegetables without fear in these planters. The matte finish is of course perfect for avoiding fingerprints and stains on the material.

Available in several sizes. While the lighter weight is suitable for spindly tables and the like, they can even be used outdoors.

8. Rivet Mid-Century Ceramic Planter with Iron Stand

Anyone that wants something mid-century old-school should like the Rivet ceramic planterRivet ceramic planterRivet ceramic planterRivet ceramic planter. This comes in several different sizes and colors. Each comes with his / her own iron brace.

You can even remove the stand/shelf, so you can make it elevated or lower. This planting tool is a cachepot and has no drainage holes. So you need a small plastic planter which can fit inside.

It also calls for more action to water the farm. The plastic plant must be removed and excess moisture washed from the ceramic one. Even in almost every home, it ‘s extremely decorative and stunning.

9. Classic Home and Garden Honeysuckle Planter

Would you want the appearance without the weight of stone or ceramics? If so, the Classic version of Home and GardenClassic version of Home and GardenClassic version of Home and GardenClassic version of Home and Garden is the best one for you. It has long-lasting resin but it is lightweight.

They can be used indoors and outdoors. The UV-finish makes sure the color is not fading. Plus, this is resistant to conditions and can withstand storms and sunshine.

It doesn’t come with drainage holes, but if you desire, you can drill them in the bottom. Also, you can use it as a cachepot and include a cheap plastic planter. You have a range of colors to choose from, and two sizes (13 and 15).

10. Rivet Rustic Stoneware Crosshatch Indoor Outdoor Flower Plant Pot

If you want something that looks rustic, you need a brand named Rivet. This plant pot with stoneware can be used both inside and outside. The pot looks elegant and sophisticated in any place, even if you don’t put a plant inside it.

It comes in different sizes and three colors. You can select a variant of the vase too.

The stoneware pot has a clean and basic look and is durable. It also features more neutral colors to combine with any decoration.

With a dry cloth, you can easily get that clean. Plus, there’s a drainage hole, meaning you don’t have to buy any extra stuff to use it as a garden.

11. Mkono 3 Pack Self Watering Planter African Violet Pots

For many homeowners a self-watering planter is perfect. The Mkono one fits wellMkono one fits wellMkono one fits wellMkono one fits well. It features a rope system with wicks.

Within the inner bowl, the plant lies, and you fill the bottom portion with water to the correct level. Cotton rope sits in water as needed to draw in moisture.

This product comes in three sizes and has a black inner basket all white. Plus, it’s acrylic PP, so it’s durable and lightweight. You will use it indoors and outwards.

Using for African Violets, spices, and any other flowers you want is perfect. Try using it at home, or in your office.

12. Santino, Self Watering Planter Deco 8.8 Inch

The brand Santinobrand Santinobrand Santinobrand Santino also features a self-watering tomato. It comes in four sizes and five colours.

The pot itself, of course, comes with a transparent window, and you can see how your plants do. A reservoir of water will keep the roots of the plant moist for around four weeks before you need to refill them.

For those who lead busy lives but still want plants around them, this is a huge time saver. The device enables good circulation of air to the roots so that your plants can grow and prosper.

Since this is a plastic bowl, it was lacquered for shine. It’s therefore UV stable, and can also be used outside.

13. DeElf 12 Sets Plastic Flower Pots

Choose something easy and stylish? The DeElf plastic bottlesDeElf plastic bottlesDeElf plastic bottlesDeElf plastic bottles are perfect. You get 10 pots and saucers in diameters of either 10 or 12 inches. This comes along with gardening gloves, too.

The material used is hard and dense and is thus more durable. It goes without saying that drainage holes are included, which help the plant breathe. That’s why you are having the saucers; it protects the surfaces from exposure to water.

Such plastic pots mainly work well for succulents but are also used in other plants. Consider including in it cactus, orchids, and herbs. You can decorate the whole house with them too.

14. White Ceramic Flower Pot Garden Planters

Do it with plants, if you want to make a bold statement for your home! This EXQUIS HOME ceramic flower potEXQUIS HOME ceramic flower potEXQUIS HOME ceramic flower potEXQUIS HOME ceramic flower pot is gorgeous and features a white top with a gold or gray base. Additionally, as a package, you get a small and large bowel.

The gray one is 6.5 inches high while the gold is 5 inches high so you can have two plants of different heights. You may use them outside or inside the house since they are ceramic. We are flexible and will be perfectly showing your mini trees or other plants.

15. Mkono Ceramic Hanging Planter Macrame Plant Holder

Homeowners wanting a hanging planter may enjoy Mkono’sMkono’sMkono’sMkono’s one. It’s decorative so for almost every small plant it works well. This is just 5 inches in diameter and 3.25 inches tall though.

Obviously, it includes the rope to hang it from, and all you need is a small hook. It can be found in your office, dining room, or outdoors.

It requires holes in drainage, so that water can escape from the plant and avoid rot. There’s a special style there as well. The outside is unglazed, but the interior is clay in a modern style so you get the contrast.

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How to Plant an Indoor Plant in a Pot?

This is typically in a small container when you bring your plant home. It is to preserve the roots before he gets home. You have to put it in his bowl now.

Make sure the pot isn’t too big to the roots of the plant. You have learned earlier how to properly measure your bowl. Water your plant about a day before it is transplanted. So, it slides out of the container and is hydrated to avoid shock.

The plant is removed from the bag. You would just need to wiggle it a little to get the roots to come out without crushing them. These can also help gently press on the container’s sides to release everything.

Loosen the ball of the root by shaking off any soil and spreading its roots gently without breaking them. Cut any damaged roots with sharp scissors, or black/brown.

Add soil to the bottom, so that the base of the plant (where it connects to the root) peeks over the bowl. Bring more soil around it, and cover it gently. Lightly water it, and you are done!


For so many items available, the right pot for indoor plants has been hard to choose. For African Violets, we liked the Mkono self-watering potMkono self-watering potMkono self-watering potMkono self-watering pot. This came in several sizes and had a wick-watering mechanism streamlined.

When you’re on a tight budget and have a lot of plants, though, you could choose the DeElf brandDeElf brandDeElf brandDeElf brand because it has 10 saucers containers. The design is not much but with it, it has a mild style.

Those who want anything eye-catching will prefer the D’vine Dev beaded planter bowlD’vine Dev beaded planter bowlD’vine Dev beaded planter bowlD’vine Dev beaded planter bowl. This is special and beautiful and can be used as a plant or cachepot.

Take a look at these products from the same price range, that are available right now on Amazon:

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