Cost and Profit Margins in Commercial Spirulina Cultivation at Home

spirulina cultivation

Expected Commercial Spirulina Farming Cost Profit Margins: Cultivation of Spirulina is becoming popular these days. More and more people are interested in starting this profitable business of spirulina. There are quite a few explanations for the same and you can test the reference if you want to know the advantages of Spirulina Cultivation. We provided most of the knowledge you need about these Spirulina cultivation benefits. When you read all the advantages and benefits of cultivating Spirulina, you’ll find out where to start commercial Spirulina growing.

We also provided information regarding the cultivation of Spirulina earlier. If you want to know how to start Spirulina cultivation on a commercial scale, it is a profitable business to check that link that will give you the important information you will need to get started. While we’ve furnished all the information you need to follow to get home to the Spirulina farming business. Now that we’ve given the Spirulina farming guide, we’re going to give you information about spirulina cultivation costs and income returns. So take a look at the details we’ve provided below.

Expected Spirulina Farming Cost Profit Margins:

We will let you know the normal measurements in this phase before going directly to the price and profit margins of Spirulina cultivation. He would take around 35 to 40000 liters of water for a 40 feet x10 feet 100 cm. Approximately 150 to 180 kg of bed spirulina yield should come from this. You will get around 15 to 80 kg of spirulina powder per month if you do this.

You need cement or water tank to grow Spirulina. Some thousands of buildings will cost you. You can buy the mother culture of Spirulina for 500 rupees per kg. In addition, the price of Spirulina fertilizers is about 5,000 rupees. Spirulina farming’s total cost is about 20,000 at home, including land costs.

Spirulina Farming Yield Profit Calculator:

The total yield of Spirulina cultivation: 150-180 kg.
The cost of 1 kg Spirulina powder: rupees 500 to rupees 700.
The total cost of Spirulina powder for 15 to 18 kgs: Rs 7500 to Rs 12500.

This is all about the cost-profit margins required for Spirulina farming. With this cultivation of Spirulina, you can use around 7512 12500 Rupees in your house. Although we hope you will have the details you are looking for about this investment in spending and profit margins in the cultivation of Spirulina.

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