Small Holes in Lawn Overnight – 6 Reasons and Solution Tips


Here are the six reasons that cause small holes in lawn overnight and the tips to get rid of the holes parentally.

Having a lush lawn with green grass requires a lot of time and effort. After plenty of energy and hard work, you get the desired results. Sometimes even after so much struggle, you might have seen some small holes in your lawn. The appearance of these small holes in the lawn overnight is highly baffling. Is it something you need to worry about? Would these small holes damage your grass? There might be many questions like these in your mind regarding these small holes in your lawn.

The reality is that these holes are caused by moles, rats, voles, and gophers, which in turn will damage the grass as well. Other than this, there might be many other reasons due to which the small holes are caused. To further know about the causes, reasons that cause small holes in the lawn overnight, and the solution tips, you need to follow this article to get your answers. This article will surely help you get rid of the small holes and will guide you on how you can take care of your lawn.

Small Holes In The Lawn

The small holes in the lawn overnight provide an untidy look. It might be caused by some animals or pets if you have one. But not just this there are some other several reasons too, which cause small holes in the lawn. These holes are bigger and sometimes smaller in size.

The size of the holes depends upon the damage it causes. Small size holes cause less damage, while large holes cause larger damage to your lawn. So, it is very important to take precautionary measures before it’s too late.

Reasons Behind Small Holes In The Lawn Overnight

As discussed earlier, there are many reasons that cause holes in the lawn. And to get the solution, it is necessary to know the reasons behind these holes first. Once you know the reason behind small holes then you can take preventive measures. Following are the grounds, which cause small holes in the lawn overnight.

1. Japanese Beetles


The one main reason for the small holes in the lawn overnight is the Japanese beetles. The reason for causing holes in the ground is that they bury their eggs inside it. Most people know these eggs as grubs. These eggs further hatch into larvae, which further mature into beetles.

When these beetles grow, you can see the small holes in the lawn. Instead of just damaging the grass, these beetles feed grassroots to their larvae as well. Also, they attract birds, armadillos, wasps, and raccoons, which dig the lawn in search of these larvae.

2. Wasps


The wraps make holes in the lawn to catch the grubs. Mostly, the Cicada-Killer and Scoliid dig small holes in the ground to hunt the larvae. Firstly, they locate the larvae, and after killing it, they feed it to the young wraps after hatching. The chances of wasps attacking the grubs are when the grass of the lawn is short.

So, it is easier for the wasps to locate the grubs and attack them for hunting. At the same time, the Cicada-Killer dig the small holes in order to get their own food. Firstly, they find their prey and then drag it to the surface for killing and eating. The chances are greater in short grass.

3. Moles


The main problem with the moles is that they cause bigger problems by making larger holes in the lawn overnight. They create bigger holes while chasing insects, worms, and grubs. To make sure that the hole is caused by the moles, you need to see the diameter.

If the diameter is 10 inches and conical mounds type then it must be caused by moles.

Moles are hairless noses with darker fur and create deeper holes of about 10 inches deeper into the soil. Moles cause a serious problem in your lawn and are highly difficult to get rid of.

4. Earthworms


Another reason for the small holes in the lawn overnight is due to the earthworms.

Earthworms are actually useful for lawn grass as they mix up water, air, and nutrients to keep the soil fertile. This activity increases during the spring, which creates small and narrow holes in your lawns.

The holes created by the earthworms are so small that you can barely see them. This process mostly takes place when the soil is wet or damp. Earthworms bump up the lawn, too, instead of just forming holes in it. Bumping up the lawn provides an untidy look of the lawn.

5. Squirrels And Chipmunks


Sometimes the small holes in the lawn overnight are caused by squirrels and chipmunks.

Squirrels dig holes for a unique reason i-e they dig it to feed on the tubers of nutsedge weed. If your lawn has nutsedge weed then doubtlessly it is the squirrel that made holes in it. The holes they make are not much deeper but just 1-2 inches deep.

On the other hand, the holes made by chipmunks are different. They dig the holes in the form of tunnels and usually make holes for hiding. Chipmunks protect themselves from external dangers and hazards. They also make the holes to store the food and for their resting purposes.

6. Voles


Another culprit for small holes in the lawn overnight is Voles. Voles make the holes in the lawn and also make the nearby grass dry and dead. The main thing is the droppings, which you will note around the small holes. Dropping signs will make it obvious that voles are the cause of small holes in the lawn.

There is no need to confuse yourself with the holes of the mice. Mice make the oval shape holes while the voles make round shape holes with droppings. The voles make the deeper snake-like holes in the yard, which are, of course, not good for your lawn.

Solution Tips

Everything has a solution, which of course, needs research. Here I will tell you about the proper way of fixing these holes so that you can get rid of these small holes and get a pretty and neat lawn again. It is not once you follow and get the results but you have to work on these tips several to get the required results.

Firstly, you can fill the holes by putting some topsoil or dirt in them by pressing it with your foot pressure so that the hole gets sealed properly.

Apple cider vinegar is also used to stop the growth of moles and prevent them from making small holes in the lawn.

Wasps mostly make holes in short grass lawns; the prevention for wasps is that you should not cut the grass of your lawn too short.

For Japanese beetles, you can use the pesticide spray through which you can easily get rid of it.

You can also use the castor oil and traps to get rid of these insects.

Lastly, you can use the planting soil for the re-growth of grass.


How do I fill small holes in my lawn?

One of the easiest ways of filling the small hole in your lawn is to put extra soil or dirt in the holes in order to refill them. By doing so, you can easily fill up the small holes in the lawn. By adding the planting soil in it you can grow the grass in them to completely get rid of the holes.

Why do I have little holes all over my lawn?

Having small holes in your garden is natural, but sometimes it can be dangerous to the grass and surface soil. It mostly happens because of the small insects (moles, voles, beetles, etc, which dig holes in order to feed or hide.

Can you use topsoil to fill holes?

Yes, you can use the topsoil to refill the small jokes on the lawn. It will make the surface smoother and level. Also, it will allow the growth of new grass on it. Topsoil is basically used to build up the soil areas.


Now, as you have got to know the reasons for what causes small holes in the lawn overnight, now you can take the precautionary measures accordingly. Well, you just need to follow the solution tips carefully and get your lawn leveled again. If you are the one suffering from the small holes in the lawn overnight then you must know the cause of it and take preventive measures to get rid of the problem.

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