10 Best Weed & Feed for Lawns 2024 – Top Picks

Weed & Feed for Lawns
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Weed & feed are products that are meant to be used on grassy areas to kill weeds. Usually, these products are made up of a combination of corn gluten, fertilizers, and herbicides.

The herbicide is the active ingredient in weed and feed products. This chemical serves to kill the weeds that are growing in your yard or other areas where you use this product. In this article, we will discuss the best weed and feed for lawns.

List of the Best Lawn Fertilizer & Weed Killers

1. Scotts WinterGuard Fall Weed & Feed (14 lbs)

Scotts Turf Builder WinterGuard Fall Weed & Feed 3

Scotts WinterGuard Fall Weed & Feed Formula is made for use in Fall and Spring to help control weeds in lawns. This weed control works best when it’s mixed with water, applied at the proper dilution, and used on newly seeded or dormant turf.

Scotts WinterGuard for Lawns is a systemic weed killer and controls weeds by entering the plant and killing it at the roots. Scotts WinterGuard should be applied in the Fall or Spring when temperatures are below 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Scotts WinterGuard Fall Weed And Feed have active ingredients that are Aminopyralid 0.085%, Pyrasulfotole 0.0596%, Dicamba 0.05%, 2,4-D 0. 05%, Mecoprop-P 0.049%.

Apply Scotts WinterGuard Fall Weed And Feed to establish new lawns or to dormant Bermuda, Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, rough bluegrass, intermediate bentgrass, and fine fescues.

Do not apply this weedkiller on bentgrass or annual ryegrass that has been seeded in the spring within the past 24 months. To apply Fall Weed And Feed, refer to the product label for application rates.

Mix 1 quart of Scotts WinterGuard with one gallon of water per 50 gallons of turf. Apply as directed on the product label. Weeds may not be completely controlled and could reappear within a few weeks of application.


  • Can be used in fall and spring
  • Kills weed at the roots
  • Weedgrip technology
  • Also clears clover dandelion

2. GreenView Fairway Formula Fertilizer Plus Crabgrass Preventer

GreenView 2129173 Fairway Formula Spring Fertilizer Weed & Feed with Crabgrass Preventer

GreenView Fairway Formula Fertilizer Plus Crabgrass Preventer is a non-water soluble product.  This means that it won’t be washed away from your lawn easily by rain or watering. It will stay in the lawn, working its way into the soil to do its job. This Scotch-Grass fertilizer is specially designed to leave your lawn healthy, thick, and green.

It also neutralizes the effects of crabgrass so you don’t have to deal with those pesky crabgrass seeds from germinating.  This unique fertilizer works immediately to eliminate weeds, fungus, and germinating seeds. This will leave your lawn free from weeds and also prevent them from growing back. This product is also colour-free. It won’t stain your lawn or the grass around your house.

GreenView Fairway Formula Fertilizer Plus Crabgrass Preventer doesn’t contain any Hg (mercury). It’s also safe for septic systems and pets, children, and pregnant women. This product doesn’t contain salt or other toxic chemicals that could harm your lawn or the environment.

It is a great way to keep your lawn free from weeds and crabgrass. You’ll be able to enjoy a weed-free lawn without the tedious work of weeding and the use of harmful chemicals.

Specifications :

  • Kills 200+ laws weeds
  • Blocks crabgrass and feeds the lawn
  • Steady even feeding up to 3 months

3. Preen One Lawncare Weed and Feed

Preen 2164169 One LawnCare Weed & Feed-Covers 5,000 sq. ft, 18 lb

Preen One Weed and Feed is a mixture of the highest quality fertilizers, herbicides, and surfactants. This weed control product can be purchased from your local hardware store or ordered online.

The mixture in Preen One Weed and Feed is designed to kill weeds selectively. Unlike some other weed control products, it does not harm desirable plants.

The Preen One Lawncare Weed and Feed also prevents weed growth for up to six months. This product eliminates common lawn weeds without harming desirable plants. Preen One offers environmentally conscious, non-toxic solutions that are safe for people, pets, plants, soil, rainwater runoff (and much more!).

Lawn care just got easier with Preen’s complete line of maintenance products. Our Weed and Feeds are safe for use on all types of grasses.

They kill weeds by inhibiting their growth, without the use of harsh chemicals that damage the environment. Preen One Weed and Feed is a ready-to-use concentrate that spreads easily over your entire lawn. The formula contains a powerful pre-emergent herbicide that helps prevent weed growth before it starts, and an effective grass food promoting a healthier, thicker lawn.


  • Feeds lawn for 8 weeks
  • Stops crabgrass all seasons
  • Zero-phosphorus 24-0-6 formula

4. Scotts Turf Builder Southern Triple Action

Scotts Turf Builder Southern Triple Action - Weed Killer

Scotts Southern Triple-Action Grass Seed is a blend of annual and perennial grasses that for tough, dependable and lush lawns throughout the south.  All-star varieties include perennial ryegrass, Kentucky bluegrass, and red fescue.

Scotts Southern Triple-Action Grass Seed is the Southern home owner’s best defence against infrequent watering, heavy traffic or drought conditions. Plus, because this seed is Scotts brand, your lawn will be resistant to many pest problems for three years after installation!

Lawns are so much more than just a piece of the landscape. They are havens for wildlife and an extension of your home’s exterior design.

A beautiful, well-maintained yard is a source of pride and beauty. It speaks volumes about your home and its owner. Scotts Southern Triple-Action Grass Seed is the ideal choice for yards that need to be kept free of weeds, free of weeds and free from bugs.


  • Prevent and kill fire ants
  • Strengthen the lawn against drought and heat
  • Three in one formula to kill clover and dollarweed, fire ants and feed the lawn

5. Scotts WinterGuard Fall Weed & Feed (43 lbs)

Scotts Turf Builder WinterGuard Fall Weed and Feed 3

Scotts WinterGuard Fall Weed And Feed provides the nutrition your lawn needs to stay green and thick and repair the damage from summer heat and drought to ensure a better lawn in the spring. You also can help your lawn look its best by fertilizing it in the fall, which means fewer weeds and fewer dandelions next spring.

Scotts WinterGuard Fall Weed & Feed is a great way to feed your lawn with the nutrients it needs for an attractive appearance.

This fertilizer is made to promote deep root growth and help your lawn grow thick and green. The product fends off harmful pests and weeds to keep your turf looking its best. It can be used on establishing turf and on lawns that need a boost. It also helps your grass withstand extreme temperatures and other stressors that may come it’s way.

Remember that high-quality fertilizers are crucial to your lawn’s well-being. The best way to feed your turf is with a ticketed product like this that gives you action, results, and value for the money.


  • Weedgrip technology
  • Improved your lawn’s ability to absorb water and nutrients
  • Kills clovers and dandelions

6. BioAdvanced Weed & Feed All In One Crabgrass Killer

BioAdvanced Weed & Feed All In One Crabgrass Killer is a weed killer and feeder additive, which is designed to take care of your lawn’s weeds and make it look greener by feeding the grass with nutrients.

This product is safe for kids and pets because it’s non-toxic, has no smell and is biodegradable. It contains water-soluble powder that can be sprayed directly onto your lawn for best results. Just mix 2 tablespoons of the powder with 2 cups of water then spray the solution into the areas that are infested with weeds.

Just let this mixture settle for 30 minutes before you water your lawn. It’s best to water your lawn at night because the sun will reduce the power of this product.

BioAdvanced Weed & Feed All In One Crabgrass Killer is guaranteed to remove your weeds in just 3 days, which will give you an awesome lawn in just 1 week. It’s highly recommended that you use this product along with BioAdvanced Weed & Feed Fertilizer because together, they can increase the grass growth by 50%.

A word of caution is that while this product is safe for your lawn, it is not safe for your plants. So be careful not to spray any solution onto your plants, they may taste it. Also, don’t leave the bottle of the product lying around as this may cause children and pets to eat it.


  • Micro weed action
  • Greens and strengthens your lawn
  • Kills crabgrass and other common weeds

7. Pennington Weed & Feed UltraGreen Lawn Fertilizer

Pennington 100536600 UltraGreen Weed & Feed Lawn Fertilizer

Pennington UltraGreen is made up of a unique blend of natural products. It contains an organic fertilizer derived from the fermentation process, as well as natural sources of iron, calcium, magnesium and other trace elements.

This product is 99% organic and contains no artificial ingredients. It is formulated to support your Lawns natural defences and promotes stronger root growth. It does not contain chemical fertilizers such as nitrogen, phosphorus, or potassium. It also does not contain any dangerous weed killers or herbicides, which put your children and pets at considerable risk of illness and injury.

The natural ingredients in Pennington UltraGreen promote the rapid growth and deep rooting of thicker turf that resists disease and pests. The natural ingredients of Pennington UltraGreen inhibit the feeding and reproduction of many insect and weed pests such as botflies (caterpillars), aphids (plant lice), grubs, etc.

It also stops the spread of lawn weeds such as crabgrass. Pennington UltraGreen will produce higher-quality grass that is more resistant to injury, disease and pests. A thicker lawn will prevent the development of bare spots, thicken the root mass of the existing grass and provide for an overall healthier environment.

The natural minerals & trace elements in Pennington UltraGreen encourage vigorous root growth and a thick, healthy turf that resists disease and pests.


  • Quick greening
  • Kills 250+ weeds
  • Nitrogen for green plant growth

8. Scotts Turf Builder Halts Crabgrass Preventer with Lawn Food

Scotts Turf Builder Halts Crabgrass Preventer with Lawn Food

The Scotts Turf Builder Halts Crabgrass Preventer is an easy-to-use product which eliminates crabgrass and weeds in your lawn. The Scotts Turf Builder is applied to your lawn once a week for 4 weeks.

The product is non-toxic and compatible with any type of soil, terracina and fertilizers in the recommended dosage. Ingredients: Organic Neem oil, s-Metolachlor, fatty acids and a few other ingredients.

Cost: $25 for the bottle which does 24 applications and refills for $15. The refills are easy to use because you can just mix it with your Scotts Turf Builder Concentrate. A little amount of the product is used each time so it will last you a while.

This product is definitely worth it because of how long a bottle lasts and how effective the product is. Ease of use: The Scotts Turf Builder Halts Crabgrass Preventer is super easy to use.


  • Controls annual weeds such as chickweed, henbit, dandelion, and plantain as well
  • Kills large crabgrass and prevent new ones
  • Greens the lawn up to 3 months

9. BioAdvanced 704160 Weed Killer for Lawns

BioAdvanced 704160 Weed Killer for Lawns Concentrate

If you’re looking for a quick, natural weed-killing solution, the BioAdvanced 704160 Weed Killer might be just what you need. This product only takes minutes to apply and kills weeds quickly with its systemic action.

With broad-spectrum herbicide and broadleaf weed control, this formula kills weeds without harming other vegetation. It also has no impact on turf, as it is not a preemergence herbicide. When used in conjunction with the BioAdvanced Weed Control Concentrate (704160) and summer watering, the two products together provide a fast, effective answer to weeds.

The 704160 treatment can be used at any time of the year to provide outstanding control of annual, perennial and woody plants that choke out or compete with turf grass. Once established, they can significantly reduce turf growth potential by choking out or shading out desired turfgrass varieties and replacement species.

It is an excellent choice for Lawn-Pest Control to help knock out and eliminate any insects that are impacting your lawn, as well as grubs and droughts. It’s easy to apply too. It can be mixed with water from the hose or a sprayer, fixed fertilizers (such as liquid plant food), seed meals, organic fertilizers or water sprays of any kind.

Simply mix the concentrate with the appropriate amount of water and then apply to your weeds using a conventional sprayer at one-third cup per 1,000 ft2 of turf area.


  • Kills 200+ broadleaf lawn weeds
  • Won’t harm lawns
  • Rainproof in 1 hour
  • Treats up to 16,000 sq. ft.

10. Scotts WeedEx Preventer with Halts – Crabgrass Preventer

Scotts WeedEx Prevent with Halts - Crabgrass Preventer

If you’re having trouble with crabgrass, Scotts WeedEx Prevent is the solution for you. This weed preventer can take care of tough weeds like crabgrass while giving your lawn a healthy dose of nutrients at the same time.

When you use this weed preventer, Scotts WeedEx Prevent will kill crabgrass and other grassy weeds you have in your lawn. But it won’t harm the grass that’s already growing in your lawn.

The herbicide moves down through the roots of the grasses that have already grown, as well as the seeds in the soil. This allows your new grass to grow and flourishes while preventing future weeds from coming back up and taking over your yard.

Scotts WeedEx Prevent also includes a healthy amount of nutrients in each treatment. It tackles the toughest weeds and grasses, while feeding your lawn at the same time. This weed preventer is an excellent choice for lawns that are already struggling.

It works to help you get rid of any tough weeds you’ve been dealing with at the same time it’s giving your lawn a healthy boost of nutrients. You can use Scotts WeedEx Prevent twice per year, in either spring or fall.


  • Prevents crabgrass all season long
  • Stops crabgrass before it starts
  • Apply in early spring for season-long prevention of crabgrass
  • Effective pre-emergent control of different types of weeds

Buyer’s Guide

Source: empire-s3-production.bobvila.com

Type of weeds

There are different types of weeds such as annuals, biennials and perennials. While buying the weed and feed for your lawn, you should consider the type of weed. It will help you to select the right product for your lawn.

Chemical and ingredients

There are many different products available with different chemicals, so the most important thing is to read the labels carefully before buying just any weed and feed product for your lawn. Weed and Feed for lawns can be used as a preventative measure as well as to control weeds that are already growing in the lawn.

If you want to buy weed and feed that will control existing weeds, then you need to select a product that contains not only herbicides but also an ingredient called an algaecide. Algaecide is a major cause of thinning and discoloured lawns, especially in the spring.  Weed and Feed products that contain an algaecide are best for killing existing algae as well as lawn weeds.


The herbicides in Weed and Feed are non-selective, which means that they kill anything that is green or growing, including lawn grass. If you are aiming for a more natural look on your lawn, you need to know if the herbicides will also kill any of the existing grass. The herbicide in Weed and Feed is usually safe for children or pets to touch if it is used properly. The safety depends on the type of herbicide used.

Concentration of the ingredients

Weed and Feed products with a high concentration of active ingredients (weed killer) will generally cost less than those with a lower concentration of active ingredient per unit of algaecide.

The right mix of herbicides for lawns depends on what kind of weeds you have, how severe the weed problem is, and what other problems you may be having with your grass such as thinning or discoloration (or both).


Weed & Feed for Lawns
Source: i2-prod.sussexlive.co.uk

What is the best lawn fertilizer for early spring?

The lawn fertilizer for early spring will only be effective as long as the weather is warm enough for lawns to grow now instead of later. If it gets too hot now, turf growth will stop before the early spring fertilizer has a chance to take effect and the lawn will tend to be patchy and appear worse than usual.

One of the best lawn fertilizers for early spring is Scotts Turf Builder Lawn FertilizerScotts Turf Builder Lawn FertilizerScotts Turf Builder Lawn FertilizerScotts Turf Builder Lawn Fertilizer.  Scotts Turf Builder offers a complete package of 16 key lawn nutrients for maximally healthy, beautiful lawns. Though, you can also go for other options as well.

How to use Weed & Feed to revive your lawn?

You should always start by applying the weed killer first. The weed killer will kill any stubborn weeds before you go in with the fertilizer. The key here is to put down too much so that the weeds are killed, but not so much that your lawn is left starving for food.

After the weeds have been killed, then you can put down the fertilizer. Make sure that you don’t put down too much, or else your lawn will have a very unhealthy look to it.  The goal is to put down enough fertilizer so that your grass gets the nutrients it needs.

Should I mow my lawn before using weed & feed?

Mowing your lawn while it’s wet is a bad choice for many reasons.  The mower blades will pick up the clippings and discharge them back onto the lawn, making it very susceptible to disease.

The clippings that the mower picks up also contain weed seeds, so when the grass germinates, the plants will compete with each other for nutrients. That’s why I recommend mulching instead of mowing.

How do the seasons affect the use of weed & feed?

For most applications of weed & feed, the season of early spring is considered to be the best especially if you are living in a northern climate. In the southern climate, you can use weed & feed at any time of the year. For the best results, you must time your use of weed & feed on the growth zone.

What is the best ratio for lawn fertilizer?

Usually, it is a 2 to 3 percent ratio of fertilizer to the water. Often, there is a recommended ratio on the label of the product. Using the information, you can use the right ratio of lawn fertilizer solution per application.


Most people know that weeds can break down the fabric of a lawn by taking nutrients from the ground.  This can often be prevented by adding a weed and feed treatment to the lawn every two months. But it is important that you buy the best weed and feed product for your lawn.

The article concludes with the best options for weed and feed products for your lawn. When you add a weed and feed to your lawn, be sure to also add nutrients to the soil.

The chemicals in the weed and feed will help bring nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus, which can make up for any plants that don’t exist in the yard.

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