5 Reasons to Set Up Your Own Dubia Roach Colony

Do you have a small lizard as a pet and feed it dubia roaches a lot? If so, you may have thought about setting up your own dubia roach colony. This isn’t a fringe thought, and many have recently begun doing so.

Starting your own dubia roach colony can ensure that you have a stable supply of dubia roaches. It also ensures you have the best feed for your pets. It’s also inexpensive compared to buying dubia roaches continuously over the years.

Why are Dubia Roaches So Popular?

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It’s okay if you’re confused as to why many lizard owners choose dubia roaches as a feeding insect. Dubia roaches are a superior feeding variety. They help nourish reptiles and amphibians due to their high protein content.

Dubia roaches are highly suggested as a food source for popular pets such as Bearded Dragons. It offers a diet advantage that includes everything your pet reptile requires to keep active and healthy.

5 Reasons Why You Should Start a Dubia Roach Colony

You can read all about starting a Dubia Roach colony on the TopFlightDubia website. But according to us, here are the five reasons why you should start a Dubia Roach Colony.

Reason # 1 Food Security for Your Reptiles

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Following the Covid-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and the oncoming recession, many people are considering food security critically. But food production isn’t only for human beings. Don’t forget about your pet!

But don’t wait for a catastrophe to establish a dubia colony. Keep in mind that it can take many months for dubias to mature from spawning to feeding off. Starting your dubia roach starter colony today will guarantee that your reptiles are well-positioned to thrive in the face of any individual, local, or global disaster.

Reason # 2 Take Charge of Your Reptile’s Nutrition

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Dubia Roaches are far more nutritious than most other live feeder bugs. They can be quickly dusted with calcium and other vital essential nutrients before feeding time and have a more excellent protein content.

We recommend gut loading your dubia roaches, regardless of where you acquire them. On the other hand, by growing your roaches, you control even more of your reptile’s nutritional needs.

Reason # 3 Dubia Roaches are Easy to Keep

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Dubia roaches don’t bite or claw. This ends up protecting your pet from danger. While this may surprise, many other feeder insects, like crickets, fight back; thus, smaller creatures, such as tarantulas, should not be fed.

No unpleasant odors or chirps keep you from watching your pet enjoy a tasty meal.

However, you may hear a crunch! Although there is no odor, it is always best to remove any dead carcasses as soon as possible to avoid decomposing contamination within your terrarium.

Reason # 4 Roach Shortages

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Due to roach shortages and supply chain interruptions, many people have found it challenging to obtain dubia roaches in recent years. Setting up your own dubia roach starter colony ensures that you can always feed dubia roaches to your reptiles, even if they are unavailable for purchase online.

Reason # 5 Expense

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Purchasing feeder insects might become costly! We make every effort to keep our rates reasonable because we feel that everyone should have access to quality food for their reptiles. growing your dubia roaches, on the other hand, can be a terrific way to reduce your reptile feeding bill.

A dubia roach breeder colony is much more work than buying dubia roaches online.

Therefore it’s not for everyone. But don’t let it deter you if you have some free time!

Keeping dubia roaches is simple and could save you hundreds each year.

How to Set Up a Dubia Roach Colony?

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Before starting your Dubia roach colony, you should consider how many roaches you’ll need to feed your reptile. Too many Dubia roaches aren’t always bad, especially if you have a few pets to feed.

Nonetheless, if you have far too many Dubia roaches and they mate with one another, you may end up with loads on hand, requiring many bins. Taking care of them can quickly turn into a full-time job.

Necessary Components:

  • 10-gallon tank
  • Adhesive under tank heater or heat cable
  • Lamp dimmer
  • Thermometer
  • Gut Load
  • Egg Carton


  1. First, you’ll need to find a suitable container for the dubia roaches. A ten-gallon terrarium can accommodate most tiny colonies.
  2. Fill the container with egg crates, each with the opposite face facing the preceding sheet, and rotate 90 degrees. Use half sheets of egg crate instead of complete sheets in a 10-gallon terrarium.
  3. To use as a food tray, place an additional sheet of egg crate flat on top or flat beside the others. The roaches will alternate between eating dry foods and veggies and fruits.
  4. Dubia roaches prefer temperatures ranging from 80° to 88°F; however, they will breed at room temperature. An adhesive tank heater or heat cable can be used to raise the temperature in your container. Get your hands on a thermostat to keep the temperature constant.

Final Words

We’ve covered everything there’s to know on why you should start your dubia roach colony. The process of starting your dubia roach colony has also been covered in detail.

Dubia Roaches are a popular feeding insect for lizard pets like bearded dragons. They are nutritious and have more meat than the alternatives making them highly popular. The relative ease with which you can start the production of dubia roaches makes it a viable option for many.

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