Kubota L3901 Problems and Troubleshoots – Guide 2024

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Kubota L3901 is one of the most suitable and preferred tractors by the majority of farmers due to its exceptional performance. Also, the company is renowned and has earned its name over the years by offering quality tractors and other related machinery. However, despite being a quality tractor, the problems are inevitable just like in any other transport machine. With time and overuse, it is natural that problems will arise and to expect the problems is also something understandable.

If you have Kubota L3901 and you are facing problems regarding it then this article is for you because I will disclose some of the quick and easy solutions. Plus, if you are someone who is planning to buy Kubota L3901 and wants to know its problems and how to troubleshoot them then again you need to read this article till the end. So, without further delay, let’s go into the details.

Kubota L3901 Problems And Troubleshoots

Kubota L3901 is an overall good tractor however, it does come with multiple problems but the solutions to all those problems are readily available. So you should not lose hope.

Given below is a list of a number of problems that are there in the Kubota L3901. Also, various options to troubleshoot the problems are also provided below:

1. Sudden Switching Off

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The biggest issue with the Kubota L3901 is that it can shut down anytime even while you are using it. This can be really irritating and can cause a lot of hindrance in your work due to which a lot of time will be wasted. One of the major reasons behind its sudden switching off can be related to the fuel supply. It may be the case that it consumes a lot of fuel and that is why runs out of it and stops. So, to avoid this issue, you need to check the fuel beforehand. Other than that, the issue can be with the fuel filters too because when they are not clean, this issue arises.

2. Regeneration Issues

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For the proper functioning of a tractor, regeneration is really important. However, sometimes the Kubota L3901 may show issues regarding the regeneration. For instance, its lights may keep on flashing which can be really problematic. Normally, when the regeneration is finished, the lights automatically turn off but with this tractor, this can be a huge issue.

Another big problem with the Kubota L3901 tractor is that you will have to start the regeneration process after every few hours, most probably after thirty hours. These continuous regenerations can heat up the car and may damage it. Also, the frequent regeneration burns too much of the fuel. One solution to this problem can be found by seeking help from the company or some professional. Other than that, you can try a higher RPM.

3. Overheating

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Overheating of the engine is another major issue faced by Kubota L3901 owners. The engine usually heats up when the airflow in the radiator is not normal. Moreover, the airflow is hindered when there are debris and dust particles in there which stop the normal flow of air and ultimately lead to various issues that can turn into big issues. You can easily fix this issue by clearing out the radiator and cleaning out the dirt and dust particles. For this, you utilize an air compressor so that all the dust is properly removed and the normal functioning of the tractor is retained.

4. Steering Issue

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Another big issue can be with the steering. Sometimes steering becomes really difficult in the Kubota L3901 tractor and leads to other issues too. This is usually due to the lack of fuel in the tank or because of any issue in the hydraulic system. You can solve this issue easily if you focus on these two aspects. First, make sure that there is enough fuel in the tractor. If the fuel is sufficient and you still feel the issue then try to eliminate air from the hydraulic system because that may solve the issue instantly. Moreover, you also get a new steering cylinder for a permanent solution.

5. Battery Issues

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The problems with the battery also hinder the normal functioning process of the tractor.

Sometimes it becomes really difficult to figure out what exactly is the problem and without knowing the problem, you cannot troubleshoot. So, when the battery is not functioning, the tractor will not start. The battery cable can also be the reason for this issue. If the battery cable is rusted and is covered with dirt, it may hinder the normal performance. So, to fix this issue you should simply replace the battery cables with new ones.


How much does a Kubota L3901 cost?

The cost depends upon the model. Each model has a different price range. The older models are a bit cheaper as compared to the newer ones. So, if you are planning to buy a new model of Kubota L3901 then be prepared to spend a lot on it because it is definitely going to be quite costly.

How much does a Kubota L series weigh?

2557- 3307 lbs is the average weight of the L series of Kubota. However, every model has a slightly different weight than other models. So, you can have an idea by knowing the average weight but the weight varies from one model to another and there is not any absolute weight.

What is the number one selling tractor in the world?

Mahindra is known to be one of the best tractors in the world. It was released in the 1960s.

The company is very popular due to its best quality tractor. Almost all of India’s farmers use this tractor and prefer it over other tractors due to its outstanding performance. Not just in India, but in other parts of the world too, the tractors by this company are used.

Especially in Asia, the Mahindra brand has gained immense popularity.

What tractor is made in the USA?

Kubota tractors are manufactured in the USA and are one of the top-quality tractors so far.

So, these were some of the problems and the troubleshoots regarding the Kubota L3901. I hope you found this information helpful.

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