Growing Crops and Utilizing your Own Produce

Growing and utilizing your own produce

One of the most rewarding ways to live is to Growing crops to produce and ‘live off your land’ so to speak. Growing plants, herbs, and vegetables is a great way of ensuring that we know exactly what we are putting into our bodies. It is also a good way to teach our families and children about urban farming and how things grow. Gardening can be a relaxing way to spend an afternoon. If you have space in your backyard, then it can be easy to create a large vegetable patch that you can tend to in your free time. If not, then you can always rent an allotment or team up with a fellow gardening enthusiast to help you out.

Starting a vegetable patch

Starting a vegetable patch is easy. Simply mark out an area of your garden lawn using a string and some heavy-duty pegs. Take a strong metal gardening spade and dig out the top grassy areas of your outline. Next, you should dig down into the soil. You need to ensure that you turn the soil over enough so that it becomes soft and supple. When you begin placing plants into your soil, you want the roots to have easy access to the moist and soft earth. Avoid areas that are high in clay content and make sure that you water the ground well after digging. Next, you’ll want to sow your seeds or plant some seedlings. Check on the back of your packets to see which plant or vegetable is suitable for sowing at what point during the year. Some plants and veg need warmer conditions to grow than others. Research castle rock pest control and other sources to come up with some ideas to keep your garden and homes pest-free. Gardening is a wonderful thing, but it can often encourage mice, rats, and birds into your garden. Take professional advice on how to keep these at bay, or you could end up with an unwanted infestation.

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What to grow?

Consider the things that you will eat and use the most. If you do a lot of cooking when growing herbs is a great starting point. Herbs can be easily grown in most weather and are perfect for getting children into gardening alongside you. They grow fast and results are easily seen. Salad, lettuce, and cress is another perfect child-friendly produce to grow.

If you have plenty of space then you could grow potatoes. This can be a great supply of winter veg, especially when grown alongside other root vegetables such as swedes and parsnips. Carrots can be grown straight in the ground or even in deep containers.

How to use your products?

There are so many ways to use the produce that you grow. Simply eat it raw or cook it up to go alongside a family dinner. If you’ve grown onions then why not pickle them in some vinegar? Or create your own homemade jams from your fresh fruits. Strawberry jam is easy to make and tastes delicious. These also make fantastic Christmas gifts for friends and family.

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