10 Best Deck Boxes for Outdoor Patio Storage 2024 – Buying Guide

It is so hard to find outside storage. You want to have something that fits the natural decor, but you don’t want it to be heavy. In order to help you pick, we are going to look at some of the best deck boxes out there.

You will need to know why deck boxes are used by individuals. We describe the advantages and then explain what to think when purchasing them. That way, you have all the data you need to make a decision outside your building. Also, see our recommendations for the best Fertilizer for Indoor Plants, Pots for Indoor Plants, Fertilizer for Bermuda Grass.

Top 5 advantages of using Outdoor Storage Deck Boxes

There are countless benefits of using a deck box. These include:

1. Keep Things Dry and Safe

Though some versions aren’t waterproof, most are immune to water. This implies that they keep the goods dry and safe. All is safe before you need them again, whether it’s your child’s favorite outdoor toy, BBQ items, or seat cushions.

2. Store Things

Many people have a few catch-alls in their homes to conceal extra stuff from them. You are limited to a workshop or shed outside. A deck box could be the next-best option if you have none.

It makes the room look cluttered and unsightly when you have things sitting on the patio or in the yard. Within the home, some stuff may be easier, but you don’t have space for them. Since you can hold almost everything, even items you use every day, deck boxes are the right solution.

3. Various Sizes Available

You might not be aware of it, but several sizes come with deck boxes. This means that one deck box that contains anything you need can be purchased. Some individuals, however, prefer buying several smaller deck boxes to have extra seating.

All will look more coordinated, meaning you can enjoy the outdoor space. Plus, when friends come over, they’ll feel better spending time with you outside.

4. Attain More Seating

For the outdoors, everybody wants a multi-tasking tool, and a deck box provides what you need. Inside it, you can store unused objects, but they are stable enough to sit on. They look fantastic and go with your outdoor decor in general, and you don’t need to buy additional seats.

This blend of functionality and elegance makes your outdoor space easy to enjoy. It is possible to use them for many items because they are so flexible. They come in various sizes, of course, but you have to find one that looks like a bench and is sturdy enough for a table.

5. Ease to Set up and Portability

You can find that it’s easy to assemble a deck box and you don’t need special equipment to set it up. They are intended for practicality and frequently come with handles. Therefore, if you wish to change the patio or deck configuration, shifting them around is simpler.

Typically, deck boxes aren’t too tall, so they don’t take up too much room in the field. The deck doesn’t, thus, look cluttered. Plus, to keep things looking organized, you can tuck away the pieces you aren’t using.

The 10 Best Deck Boxes on the Market

This list of 10 deck boxes has been made, all of which are excellent additions to your outside room. To see them all at once and then read about each one in detail.

1. Keter Westwood 150 Gallon Resin Large Deck Box

At 61 inches long and 28.5 inches tall, the Keter Westwood Deck Box is fairly broad. It also has an internal scale of 56-24.6-22.8 inches. You can store up to 150 gallons of items using this box.

You’ll like the longevity of this deck box. It’s resin-made, but it looks like wood. For the outdoor room, it’s, therefore, more natural and comes in brown or gray.

It is not going to peel, rust, or dent because it’s made of polypropylene and resin. Other materials may have problems like that, such as wood and metal.

To help raise the lid, there are hydraulic pistons and it has a soft-close function. It means that it does not slam down and frighten people or destroy the box. You don’t have to think about kids smashing their fingers or having a hard time opening their toys in order to get them.

2. Keter Borneo 110 Gallon Resin Deck Box

Keter has a Borneo Deck Box as well, which is made of resin as well. At 51 inches long by 27.6 inches high, it is a little smaller. You’re going to like the 45-23.4-21.3 inches of the interior.

It only has a storage capacity of 110 gallons because it is smaller, but this makes it ideal for areas without much space. The polypropylene design that makes it stronger and more robust than wood will make you appreciate it.

This brand has the look of wicker, which is extremely common for outdoor furniture. It has a capacity of 484 pounds, so you can use it for more seats easily. Two average adults, in fact, should match without a problem.

It also features hydraulic pistons to support it quickly, silently, and slowly lift and lower. When using it, you’re not going to damage your fingers or bang the lid back down.

3. Lifetime 60254 Heavy-Duty Outdoor Storage Deck Box

The brand Lifetime comes in brown and green, keeping up to 150 gallons. It has a high capacity of 59.3 inches long by 25 inches wide inside.

You can lock the lid as well, making your things even better to carry. There’s no fear that your seat cushions or children’s toys will be stolen by anyone.

You get something durable and solid with the Lifetime brand. Individuals can sit on it when no other seats are open. You might find it a little awkward because there’s no cushion on the end, but when needed, it’s still another place to sit down.

Plus, the lid will not peel, crack, or fade. The panels on the sides are also UV-protected. This means that with time, the color doesn’t change, which is important.

4. Suncast 99 Gallon Resin Wicker Patio Outdoor

A smaller deck box features the Suncast brand than what we’ve seen so far. For toys and other items, it is ideal for outdoor storage. It suits almost any outdoor décor choice with the wicker styling and comes in colors of mocha, white, and java.

Plus, rusting and fading are prevented by the water-resistant poly resin, so the box remains as good as new for several years to come. We like that it can be used inside or outside, but you’re more interested in outdoor storage, possibly.

Patio cushions, grilling materials, pool toys, sports equipment, and gardening tools can be kept therein. Of course, in order to make it easy to open and close, the lid has hinges. The box keeps the products dry inside, and they’re not going to mildew, either, if that’s not enough.

Assembling and accessing your products is simple. With a lock that you buy separately, you can also lock it.

5. Suncast 22-Gallon Small Deck Box

The one from Suncast is sure to be enjoyed by those who want a smaller deck box. With a height of just 22.5 inches, it’s 17.5 inches long and 22.5 inches wide. Keeping 22 gallons, the beautiful wicker styling makes it perfect for patios, yards, and even shed storage.

The polyresin structure is still robust, but it’s just water-resistant. While it may keep some moisture out, during harsh rains, it can leave a little water inside. Even so, it will not rust or fade.

You’ll like that it can be used both inside and outside. Store your gardening equipment, pool toys, and other things in it.

We like that the lid flips open to make it easy for you to access the items inside. It’s also a one-person seat, of course, and can accommodate up to 150 pounds, which is suitable for the average adult or infant.

6. Suncast 50-Gallon Medium Deck Box

You can seat up to two people with a medium deck box and have room for all of your outside belongings. Suncast’s 50-gallon deck box comes in gray and looks fantastic either on the patio or in the shed.

It is made of polyresin that is water-resistant, so it’s not going to fade or rust. Although it is not waterproof, moisture is intended to repel it. During heavy rains, consider placing it under an awning to cover the products inside.

It is 41x21x22 inches, because it’s a medium size, making it ideal for almost any room. The opening of the flip-top lets you quickly catch things. Plus, making it compact, it weighs less than a pound.

The interior offers room for 6.8 cubic feet, so you can hide things you don’t want to see from neighbors or visitors. Often, since the pieces and sides clip together, it is simple to assemble.

7. Rubbermaid Medium Resin Outdoor Garden Storage Deck Box

Rubbermaid is a common brand, and something you might consider is its medium deck box. This makes seating possible, but it’s not very comfortable. Even, to make things a little easier, you might add a cushion.

We like that it comes in black or light brown, but it’s white at the top and bottom. This is a slightly unusual combo of color, but it will fit most needs for home decor.

It is waterproof and plastic-like in appearance. It will not, however, rust as metal might or rot like wood. It is 42x24x24 inches and carries up to 75 gallons (LWH).

As it only weighs 32 pounds, when empty, it is compact and easy to carry around. Nonetheless, it relies on what products you put within it as to whether you can alter its location when complete.

8. Lifetime 60089 Deck Storage Box

Lifetime has got you covered for those who want something compact and easy to assemble. Its deck box is made of plastic to match the outdoors and is brown. Plus, when empty, it weighs just 44.4 pounds, making it easy to walk around in the right place.

This is a medium box for storage and is 50x26x25 inches (LWH). We like that it has a spring-hinged operated lid so that it opens all the way out. You can lock it as well, but you must buy an acceptable locking mechanism separately.

It’s made of high-density polyethylene with wall rigidity. This provides the mix with longevity and power and guarantees that it can withstand the environmental conditions.

There is a seal that is water-resistant, which helps to keep anything inside dry. It’s not considered weather-proof, though, so depending on what’s inside, you might want to move it under shelter during heavy rains.

9. KOOLWOOM Deck Box, 120-Gallon Patio Outdoor

KOOLWOOM Deck Box, 120-Gallon Patio Outdoor

If you want a big box on the deck, the Koolwoom brand could be perfect. It is 120 gallons long and 47x24x24.8 inches long (LWH). The colors of black, green, and brown can be found, and it looks like wicker, even though it’s plastic.

This product is fully waterproof, so if left wet, you can store grilling accessories and other things that might rust. We like that it only weighs 26 pounds in the box itself, so it’s easy to move as needed.

It can bear up to 176 pounds of weight, even though it doesn’t have padding. Two children can easily sit on it, but when needed, an adult can also use it as a chair.

You can bring it together in about five minutes using its tool-free assembly. If you have a padlock, there is also a locking option (sold separately). This means that your products can be safe from theft and injury.

10. Keter Eden 70 Gallon Storage Bench Deck Box

Many homeowners want something on their patio that looks like a quaint bench. With its Eden model, the Keter brand provides this. At 54.6x23x32.8 inches (LWH), it’s a big box and the interior is about 50 inches long by 19 inches wide.

It looks much like a bench, with the back and armrests included. It looks like it’s wooden even though it’s made of resin. You can appreciate that, without fear of fading or rotting, you can easily leave it outside.

The bench is very comfortable and, if necessary, you can add cushions. Plus, up to three people can be seated and carry 771 pounds.

There is a padlock holder right in the center, but this one is sold separately. To keep stuff safe, you can lock it. It weighs just 30 pounds on its own, of course, which means it provides portability, and it is easy to move around on the patio as required.

When buying the Right Deck Box, what to look for?

Knowing what to consider is crucial so that you buy the right deck box for your needs. It involves:

Materials – Wood, Plastic, or Resins

There are numerous products out there, but resin, plastic, or wood are used by most farmers.

Wooden boxes are also more costly, and to ensure that they do not warp or rot, they must be handled regularly. Mind, they can be easily destroyed by bacteria and insects, and they may not be moisture-resistant.

The best option is often plastic, especially if you intend to be a little rough with the package. It’s always waterproof or water-resistant, and no maintenance is necessary. Plus, it doesn’t easily rot, rust, or dent, though the color might fade.

Resin deck boxes, since they are lightweight and sturdy, are a practical option. They’re also UV-resistant, weather-resistant, and designed to look like metal or wicker. Plus, over time, they do not break, splinter, or fade.

Size of Box

Deck boxes are usually rectangular or square, but circular and bench-seat models can be found. They’re mostly measured in gallons for scale, so if you want anything to hold anything you need outside, pick a greater amount.

In order to ensure it suits where you want it to go, consider the box dimensions. Is it high enough to be used as a chair and long enough to fit two people?

Weight Capacity

Be sure to check the weight capacity if you wish to use the deck box as a bench or table. It can usually carry 200 pounds or more, but children are likely to be able to sit on those that allow for 150 pounds of weight.

Storage Capacity

The deck box size dictates the capacity of storage. If you need it to carry pool and outdoor toys, the larger models are opted for. The medium choice may be helpful when you only need to store towels, sheets, and small objects.


Most deck boxes are labeled as water-resistant only, which means the water is repelled, but it can still get inside. To prevent corrosion, consider covering them in plastic if you’re using the product to hold gardening or grilling equipment.

Purpose to Use

Make sure you know why you’re buying a box for your deck. Will you want extra seating for it? Make sure it has a weight capacity that is high enough to do so.

Are you making use of it to store huge items? To fit them, make sure it is wide and tall enough.

What Can You Store in a Deck Box?

You can store almost everything in a box on the deck. Put the patio chairs, some garden tools, and your yard and pool toys in the seat cushions. It can also house grilling instruments and everything else that you use outside usually.

Final Thoughts

We like the Keter Eden model when it comes to the best deck box since it looks like a typical outside bench. It’s broad and it looks like wood. If the wicker is more your style, however, the model of Keter Borneomodel of Keter Borneomodel of Keter Borneomodel of Keter Borneo may be a better match and comes in two colors.

For those areas where you have little room, the Suncast Small Deck BoxSuncast Small Deck BoxSuncast Small Deck BoxSuncast Small Deck Box is acceptable, but it’s large enough to seat a single person. The 99-gallon one from Suncast is perfect if you are interested in a medium-size deck box.

Take a look at these products from the same price range, that are available right now on Amazon:

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