Expected Profit Margins in Commercial Buffalo Dairy Farming in India

Buffalo Dairy Farming

What are the Buffalo Dairy Farm Profit Margins in India: We all know the importance that Buffalo Milk has in our daily life. It is part and parcel of life since it forms most of the food that we take. Citing this, many entrepreneurs are venturing into Commercial Buffalo Dairy Farming Business. In the earlier post, we have given information on What is the Cost of Buffalo Dairy Farm for 10 Buffaloes. You can check that information to know the cost that you will incur. Now that we have given information on the Cost of Buffalo Dairy Farm, we are now going to give you information on the Profit Margins in Buffalo Dairy Farm.

People who want to start buffalo dairy has one thing in their mind, What is the Dairy Farm Income per Buffalo. It is a very common question for most people. And it is best to know the small dairy farm profit first than to start directly. This will help you not to face the loses once you start this dairy business. Here in this article, you will get to know the profit margin calculation in the dairy farming business. Specifically, we will let you know the 10 Buffalo Dairy Farm Income as we have given Cost on the same number of buffaloes. Furthermore, this piece of information will serve as a buffalo dairy farm profit calculator for you.

Expected 10 Buffalo Dairy Farm Profit Margins

From the above table, you can get to know the various aspects of Buffalo Dairy Farm Profits. We have given the information on the Murrah Buffalo Breed Profits.

Buffalo Dairy Farm Income Calculation Steps

  • The average Milk Yield of 1 Buffalo per Day is about 10 Litres.
  • Since you have 10 Buffaloes, the Milk Yield of 10 Buffaloes per Day is about 100 Litres.
  • While the Price of Milk per Litre in the market is Rs. 30-40.
  • Since you have 100 liters of milk, the Price of Milk per Day is Rs. 3000-4000.
  • While the price of Buffalo Milk per Month is Rs. 90,000 – 1,20,000.
  • Coming to the Price of Milk per Year is Rs. 9,00,000 – 12,00,000. This is excluding the dry period which comes to the 300 Days of Lactation per year which is nothing but 10 months.
  • While the Income per Buffalo Rs. 90,000 – 1,20,000

Cost of 10 Buffalo Dairy Farm Rs. 8,70,000 – 9,00,000
Total Net Income in Buffalo Dairy Farm is Rs. 9,00,000 – 12,00,000

Since you will have to face only the recurring expenses, you will enjoy the profits from the second year. This is all about the Buffalo Dairy Farm Profit Margins. Furthermore, check below to know more about the Buffalo Dairy Farming Business in India.

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