Five Must-Have Agriculture Tools To Buy

agriculture tools

You know that being a farmer sounds like a great way to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon shopping for farm equipment. It can be tough to try and find out what you need to buy with so many options available and a limited budget.

Look at this list of farm equipment you can use to more effectively manage your crop. Hopefully, some of the following machines will end up on your shopping list.



A sickle is a hand tool with a sharp curved blade, used for harvesting. It is used to chop the succulent forage which is feed for the livestock. Sickel is used to chopping green grass and cereals in common. Sickle dates back to centuries and is a popular and useful tool for agriculture/farming. Initially, forged iron was being used to make sickle. But, nowadays, steel is also used.
There are two types of sickles. They are serrated and smooth sickles. The serrated sickle has an edge over smooth sickle, chops harvested grains on a large scale when compared to the smooth sickle. Modern kitchen knives are designed with the serrated edges, follow the same design principle.

Shovel and Spade:

A shovel is one among the popular agricultural tools used for digging, lifting and moving chunks of mud, gravel, weeds and waste in farmland. These tools help a lot to clean-up the land before tilling. These tools also help with gardening and are very easy to use. Unlike sickle, using these tools has a low probability of hurting you when using them.



An axe is an agricultural/farm tool used from time immemorial. It is used to Shape, Split and Cut the wood. Because of its usage, it is a prime and useful tool for harvesting. A sharp metal head fitted with a long wooden handle defines the structure of an axe and is ergonomically best suited for chopping wood.



A pickaxe or a pick is a hand tool with a hard metal head fit perpendicular to the handle. The pickaxe is used to landscaping, cracking up hard surfaces and farming to segregate and till a minor section of the land. The metal head has two parts. One side of the head is a sharply pointed metal. The other side is of a blunt one. The metal head is fitted with a long supported wooden handle which is easy to handle and easy to work with. The pointed metal head is used to break the hard surfaces while the blunt one is used to level the surface.



A hoe is an ancient, popular and versatile agricultural hand tool used to shape the soil, clear weeds, clean soil, and harvest root crops. Shaping the soil refers to piling up the soil around the base of plants, shaping furrows (drills) and shallow trenches for planting seeds. Weed control by a hoe can be done by agitating the surface of the soil and by chopping foliage from the roots and clearing the crop and soil residues. Hoes are used for harvesting root crops such as potatoes and carrots for digging and shifting soil.

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