Growing Papaya Tree

Steps to follow in growing Papaya

Papaya TreeLand/Soil preparation
Like any other plant or crop, papaya growing also require adequate soil preparation. This is necessary as it will make it easy for roots to penetrate through it, enhance water and nutrients uptake from the soil. Papaya tree/s require a fabulous soil rich in organic matter and other nutrients necessary for their germination, growth, flowering until the time when they start producing fruits. Without this soil, it is therefore important to dig a hole of about five meters across and then fill it with soil and compost. Depending on how many trees you want, you can make as many holes as required.

Seed preparation or acquisition

Papaya seeds for planting can be purchased from any local seed store or they can be prepared directly from ripe papaya fruits. Those that are prepared from papaya fruits directly are known to have a higher percentage of germination and growth as compared to those bought from seed stores. This is then followed by sprinkling a couple of these seeds on the soil and then covering them with some thin layer of compost or mulch as this will guarantee conducive conditions for germination.

After a few weeks, the seeds will germinate where some seedlings will be stronger and others weaker. Pull out (culling process) the weaker ones and remain with the best trees in size and strength. Make sure that a good number of seedlings are left since culling most of the trees may end up leaving your garden with male plants which do not bear fruit. After attaining a height of one meter, papaya trees will start flowering and at this point, cull most of the male plants. This can be achieved by looking at their stalks, female(bigger), male (thin) hence leave one female plant per bed with one male serving around fifteen trees.


Depending on the climate, the trees should be watered as much as possible but in cool weather care must be observed as it may lead to root rot. The trees love heat and sunlight hence need for them to be exposed to sunlight.


This must be done always for better fruits through nitrogen fertilizers, chicken manure among others.

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