How am I Going Fertilize My Lawn During Spring??

Lawn Fertilize

During the spring, most people use a dose of lawn fertilize followed by one or two more doses during the growing season. Should not do it too early in the season if you would be fertilizing your lawn. Late spring is the perfect time for the first submission, just as the green grass is beginning to rise eagerly. During the early spring, the grass puts energy into the growth of the heart. When you apply fertilizer too early, the energy of the plant will be redirected too quickly into the growth of the leaves.

Applying Fertilizer in Spring

The year’s first two applications will feature a fertilizer to boost turf growth.

A post emerging to kill the germinating weeds, and also a pre-emergent to avoid the weeds from germinating in the autumn.

The most significant of these first two applications are because they will set you up for success. When they aren’t implemented correctly, otherwise you won’t get any good results.

Mid-Summer Fertilizer Application

The application of mid-season lawn fertilizer is usually a light fertilizer for promoting color and growth through the raw season.

Fall Lawn Fertilizer Application

In combination with planted, the fall applications are applied to encourage seed germination and also to take care of any weeds that pop up during the fall.

Finally, Apply Fertilizer in the Winter

The application of the winter fertilizer should you get one helps to preserve color and wellbeing during the cold months.

Now, you can submit the applications yourself if you’re a diehard do it yourself.

Nonetheless, the cost would be around the same as the time you buy the requisite fertilizers and chemicals and consider your time.

Many people don’t know this, but you can partner with a good local supply service, such as your local CO-OP, or your local lawn and garden shop if you do it yourself. Here’s why those stores will typically have more knowledgeable staff than the big box stores.

Challenges of Fertilizing Your Own Lawn

The spraying of weeds that have already sprung up is one of the biggest obstacles to handle this yourself.

The pros have huge chemical tanks that they use, but you’ll need to use a granular weed and feed. This drug won’t work when you apply it early in the morning when the grass is already wet from the due, as the particles have to stick to the weed leaves to be successful in destroying the weeds.

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Final Thoughts

The best bet is for a Pro to work with. Yeah, you can fertilize yourself, it can be enjoyable, but it’s not always an easy job. Be sure to check out the best fertilizers for your lawn if you want to do it yourself.

This program works well for southeastern climates but if you stay in a warmer climate like Florida you’ll want to read our St. Augustine turf care guide.

Using this fertilizer guide and fertilize and prepare your own fertilizer program or to educate yourself better when recruiting the pros. GreenPal is a great source for professionals in the field of lawn care, take a look the next time you need to hire someone for your needs.

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