How To Kill A Tree Stump 2024 – Complete Guide

Tree Stump

Tree stumps look ugly and cover up precious space. Tree stumps are extremely resilient, no matter how small it is. They can produce a multitude of new sprouts because the root systems flourish deep inside the earth.

By removing these uglinesses from your yard and garden, you can create your setting much more interesting, and the best part is that you do not need to go through your pockets to get rid of an unruly stump.

If you are not interested in hiring a specialist to remove a stump, then do the work yourself; you can do it by using the items that you find within your own home.

Different Methods To Kill A Tree Stump

Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt

Epsom saltEpsom saltEpsom saltEpsom salt is rich in sulfur and magnesium that can create healthy growing conditions for trees in tiny amounts. Extirpating stump roots to a lot of these minerals can produce deadly outcomes. Start by mixing 100 % Epsom salt in water. This will make the solution that can degrade in the root of your stump. 

The next step is to drill 12 1-inch-wide holes in the stump. The holes should each be approximately 10 inches in depth. After that, pour ample quantities of Epsom salt into the tree holes. Then, wrap the tree stump using a sheet of tarp and wait for a minimum of 3 months to eliminate the stump roots.

Rock Salt

It is generally applied to melt ice off walkways and roads; rock salt produces detrimental effects on stumps of trees. The salt Sodium chloride present in rock salt makes soil store water, which means the roots of a tree do not absorb it.

The intense drying process causes stumps to die. This method works effectively by digging holes into the stump of a tree. Make use of a drill item that is a minimum of 3/8 inches in diameter. 

Next, bore the stump for at least 10 inches. Fill each hole with rock salt, and the top is filled using hot water to melt in the crystals of salt. After that, apply a 2-inch thickness of rock salt over the stump’s base.

Sprinkle hot water on top to allow the rock salt to dissolve to the ground. Then, wrap the stump’s top with the mulch and soil, and leave it for at least six weeks. Once the tree stump begins to decay, start the process of removal.

Burn Stump Out

Burning is a fantastic approach to eliminating stumps of trees. The burning process will take approximately 24-48 hours, depending upon the dimensions of your stump.

However, you’ll also have to dedicate several days to get the stump for burning by cutting burn slots or drilling holes and then dipping the stump in oil or fuel to help the burning process.

This procedure requires safety precautions when operating with flames and its unpredictable nature.

Block The Sunlight

This method is good, but you need to ake the sunlight off the tree’s stump. We are aware that trees require sunlight for their photochemical effects. However, they’ll end up dying if they do not receive the right amount of sun.

You can make use of several options to cover a stump of a tree, like shade, polyester that is coated by polyurethane sheets made from plastics such as polyethene, or a trash bag in black colour. You just need to grab any one item and cover the stump with duct tape. For a better result, remove the seedlings in the area throughout your stump.

Be sure to monitor the process of dying of your tree by time. This process requires a lot of patience and time due to the slow way to deprive an entire stump of light. Eventually, it will begin to decompose.

It’s best to hold off until the stump begins to rot and then falls to pieces by itself. This is a great method to remove a stump because it stops the tree growth and eventually degrades.

Boiling Water

Stump on green grass in the gardenv

This is among the most cost-effective and efficient methods to follow our advice on getting rid of a stump. This method also induces roots by using a stump killer made at home using boiling water. The only aim of this technique is to destroy the stump’s bases.

To apply this method, first, you need to take a pot and then pour a significant quantity of water into it. Put it over the fire, and wait till the water has reached a complete boil. When water is completely boiled, spill it immediately onto the stump roots. To make this method more effective, it is essential to make certain that the bulk part of the roots is burned.

If you can scrape off the soil and push the roots out, then you can. You could pour the boiled water over them; however, it might be more efficient to cut them close to the stump using an axe. This will give you less work to complete when getting the roots out and then striking them with water. Instead, you can concentrate on the areas that are not cut.

If you’d like to accelerate the process, create holes in the tree’s stump to allow the heat to be distributed completely in the stump. Similar to the other methods listed here, the process could also cause the death of the tree’s stump by degrading it.

Grinding the Tree Stump

Grinding the Tree Stump

It is the fastest technique to kill and remove stumps from trees. This involves employing a tree removal professional or leasing a stump grinder machine to cut the tree’s body and root. The typical costs for this task are between $100 and $400. The cost of renting a stump grinder generally ranges from $80 to $150 for 4 hours.


These simple and easy methods are the most reliable way to remove a stump from a tree without the risk of infecting your field with harmful chemicals.

Utilizing these methods will enable you to remove the stump and preserve the healthy environment in your yard.

Although we suggest DIY methods, if you are in a rush renting a machine or engaging a pro to assist you in grinding to the stump will be the quickest solution.

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