What is the Current Market Price/Value of Honey in India


Latest Honey Market Price/Value in India: Honey is one of India’s popular foods. It has a number of benefits and advantages. That too in terms of cookery items and in terms of medicinal use. Therefore, India’s demand for honey never decreases. With the production of Honey declining, the demand for Honey in the Indian market is increasing day by day. In particular, Organic Honey is gaining popularity. The Organic Honey price for 1 kg is higher than the average. If you are a new beekeeper, then you should know the market price of Honey. In this piece of information, we will let you know the Current Honey Market Price/Value of Organic Honey.

Cost and Profit Margins in Honey Bee Farming in India

Current Honey Market Price/Value in India:

You have to remember that Honey is the Fast Movie Consumer Good which is otherwise famous as FMCG. It moves fast across all the sections of the market. Everyone needs it, everybody in their kitchen shelves should have it to prepare different food items. With the daily decline in honey production and rising sugar prices, people opt for honey. Check below to find out about Honey’s market value in India.

Market Price of 1kg Honey: Rs. 85-100
Market Price of 100kg Honey: Rs. 7500-10000
Market Price of 1000kg Honey in India: Rs. 75000-100000
Market Price of Organic Honey in India for 1kg: Rs. 110-120

You can see that, you will get a good price for your efforts. Hence if you have the idea of starting beekeeping, then you can go forward. You should also have good contacts with the companies like Dabur etc where you can sell your Honey in Wholesale. With that wholesale selling of Honey, you will earn more profit margins than the normal. Furthermore, check below to know more about Beekeeping Farming.

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