9 Best Compost Tumblers 2024 – Buying Guide & Reviews

Many individuals use compost to provide a beautiful garden. Your yard and kitchen waste can be turned into food for your plants. You’ve got to use the right instruments to get the job done, though.

By looking at different models and asking you which ones are best, we’re going to discuss the best compost tumbler. We also explain what these tumblers are, why they are useful, and where to position them, to ensure that you have the right information.

What Is a Compost Tumbler?

Compost tumblers are just containers that are fully sealed and rotate to blend the compost materials. It retains the heat produced during the composting process because it is enclosed. It accelerates the process of converting your waste into compost.

In different directions, some tumblers transform. They are usually made using recyclable materials and can be packed with organic yard waste and kitchen scraps.

To help with the process, it’s also possible to add some garden soil, fertilizer, and finished compost. You’re not expected to add anything else, however. It breaks down any organic waste applied to the barrel.

Since different living organisms and microbes feed off the waste and provide oxygen to speed up the process, this is similar to the heap method. Tumblers are not the same as conventional bins, which do not turn and make compost more difficult to produce.

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Pros and Cons of Compost Tumbler

There are plenty of advantages to using a compost tumbler. Let’s look at them now:


1. Turnability

The compost tumbler allows the turning and aerating of the mixture. The system uses a crank occasionally, and you turn it to pass the barrel around. Others can roll around the central rod, but if they’re not too big, they all function well.

Transforming a compost heap will take more energy and time. With a pitchfork, you have to do it and really use your upper back and arms to get the job done. With a compost tumbler, the problem is removed.

2. Works Faster

You can complete the composting process faster with a compost tumbler when you have perfect conditions. You need the correct nitrogen and carbon waste balance, reasonable outdoor temperatures, and the right amount of moisture. With that in only two to three weeks, you have ready-to-use compost.

3. Sealed and Concealed

You should hold animals out of it because the barrel lid closes. Although there are tiny ventilation openings, it is difficult for most animals to get inside. It is possible for insects, but this is always minimal.

4. Looks Better

In or near your yard, a compost heap will look unsightly and the bin also looks dirty and grungy, too. A compost tumbler is far more appealing, however. With tidier activities, you will find several stylish designs so that the garden appears tidy.

5. Less Odor

You can not smell anything because the compost tumbler is sealed, as the scraps and bits start to rot. For small spaces, this is a must-have, and the neighbors are sure to appreciate it.

6. Easy to Use

As it has wheels, you can also drive the tumbler anywhere you need it. This implies that it is possible to place the tumbler where adding scraps is most convenient. Shift it to the garden to compost, then.

Compost tumblers do have a few disadvantages, even with so many advantages. They include:


1. Cumbersome

You can have more compost if the compost tumbler is high. This means, however, that turning the barrel can be more complicated because there’s so much inside. To prevent this issue, most manufacturers are required to have a size limit.

2. Add Your Own Worms

Worms can get inside using a compost heap or bin. It is critical that they break down the scraps into fertilizer. For a compost tumbler, you have to install and extract them yourself so that they do not linger inside and die.

3. Less Exercise

When you manually spin the compost, it gives you plenty of workouts. With this compost tumbler, you do not have the luxury. Most individuals, however, have back, arm, and shoulder problems that don’t allow them to do this safely.

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Best Compost Tumbler Reviews

Finding more about the 10 most suitable compost tumblers out there is critical. The following table gives you a list of choices with relevant details so that if you choose, you can look and go.

1. FCMP Outdoor IM4000 Tumbling Composter

There is an original eight-sided tumbler for the FCMP brand. You can be more effective with this style and easily combine everything. Only make sure your door is closed and turn it around for around five or six rotations every two or three days.

You can use it without a problem, even if you are a beginner. Larger holes are in place, and the door comes off.

You can add your clippings and scraps quicker that way. Plus, removing the finished compost is much easier.

There are two different sides to this dual-chamber composter. That way it is possible to finish one area when the second is ready to go. Continue to switch sides so that your safe, rich compost has an uninterrupted flow.

You can make as much compost as you require for your garden, with a total capacity of 37 gallons. Plus, inside the chamber, the aeration holes and deep fins will break up large clumps. If you’re taking compost out or adding new scraps, you rarely have to open it.

2. SQUEEZE master Large Compost Tumbler Bin

With the brand SQUEEZE, you can find it easy to rotate this tumbler. There are plenty of holes in the air, too. To ensure that the compost is ready when you need it this allows you more ventilation and circulation.

The base and the barrel are black, but for the dual doors, you can choose green, blue or purple. First, use one side and then add the second side with new clippings. This way, you’ve already got new compost.

Plus, you never have to manually dig or mix the compost. For the finest performance, just rotate it about seven times every two days. All you have to do is open the doors to add scraps or use your compost.

The steel frame will satisfy you, and the barrel is made of PP and is BPA-free. While you might not need that many, it can accommodate loads of up to 352 pounds.

3. Miracle-Gro Dual Chamber Compost Tumbler

Everyone seems to like well-known brands, and one of the best is Miracle-Gro. It features a compost tumbler with a dual-chamber that looks distinctive in its construction. It’s also compact, although it’s massive, so you can hold it on the patio or porch, or anywhere else you need it.

It comes as two different, hooked-together containers. They also spin independently, which provides you with more ways to use the tumbler. Plus, when loading and unloading, it is simple to use and reliable.

The architecture enables you to speed up the compost’s decomposition. That way, in around four to six weeks, you have fertilizer ready-to-use.

We like that it’s made to be a compost tumbler for all seasons. The sides lock into place, however, you can enjoy the foundation of galvanized steel. Plus, it locks securely in order to keep the pests out.

You get effective and quicker composting, regardless of the season, because UV-protected plastic is used. This will never leach into harmful chemicals, making the compost all-natural.

4. EJWOX Large Composting Tumbler

Dual-compost tumblers are a great option, and EJWOX’s one is streamlined to meet all your needs. Since there are two different doors, you can ensure that at the ready you still have compost.

To help mix the compost and provide ventilation, there’s an internal bar. In order to preserve and absorb heat, the double-wall panels can help. You get a balanced rotation, too which is easy to do on your own.

The steel frame is covered with powder. It gives you a more stable foundation for the bin. The feet are made of galvanized steel, so without rusting or rotting, the tumbler will remain outside.

We also like that it sits for loading at the correct height. You don’t have to bend over a lot to bring stuff in, whether you use a wheelbarrow, cart, or another container. It also makes it simpler for compost to be removed when it becomes ready.

5. Lifetime 60058 Compost Tumbler

Lifetime 60058 Compost Tumbler

If you just need a single-door tumbler, then the brand Lifetime might be perfect. It is made of polyethylene plastic for the feet and legs and powder-coated steel. You know that while remaining closed, it can withstand any environmental conditions so that no pests get inside.

This is a larger model that carries 10.72 cubic feet or 80 gallons. It’s not too big of construction, however. That way, with ease, you can put it on a patio or balcony.

The panels that are double-walled are thick. It absorbs plenty of heat because it’s a black structure, and the walls trap it inside where it belongs. It decomposes the substance more easily that way.

An internal bar is available that can mix the compost for you. Plus, to break down the waste more quickly, it lets oxygen get into the mix. You can appreciate that this tumbler quickly turns on the axis and gives a more balanced rotation.

6. FCMP Outdoor HF-DBC4000 Dual Body HOTFROG Tumbling Composter

Dual-sided composters for tumbling are very common, and FCMP’s HOTFROG one might be perfect. For beginners, this product fits well and features wider openings. Plus, to make it easy to add scraps or take out the finished compost, you can quickly slide the door out completely.

We like that the fins can serve as ergonomic handles within the body. Currently, the fins are meant to break up the clumps inside the chamber. Within, there are also small aeration holes to blend more oxygen into the compound.

The barrels themselves are made of polyethylene plastic that is free from BPA. UV rays can’t get inside which means the microorganisms required to make the compost do not break down. Plus, over time, the plastic will not decay, ensuring toxic chemicals don’t spill into your compost.

You can find the frame of galvanized steel is painted green. This makes it corrosion resistant and looks great in nearly any outdoor environment.

7. RSI MCT-MC Maze Compost Tumbler

The RSI brand will be valued by those who want more for their money. The compost tumbler is constructed using UV-resistant, high-impact plastic. Under the barrel, there is also plenty of clearance, making it simpler to unload.

This product comes with a wheeled cart of its own. Here the low profile means you can get the compost out and take it to the garden where you need it.

The handle locks in place ensuring you don’t have to worry about opening up or playing with the kids. There’s even a geared handle to make turning the composter easier. Even if it’s fully mounted, it can stabilize and switch with ease.

The barrel holds 65 gallons in terms of size, while the cart holds 12 gallons. For a trip around the yard, this is always enough and the barrel ensures you have plenty of compost when you want it.

8. FCMP Outdoor Roto Tumbling Composter

The FCMP brand can help when you want a single door on your tumbler. It contains kitchen scraps and outdoor waste of about 37 gallons. No longer do you have to dig or mix the pile by hand.

Attach the scraps and parts, close the tumbler door, and spin it for five or six rotations every two days. You can have compost in about two weeks in the right conditions. It can take longer, however, depending on different factors.

To withstand the weight of the barrel and manure, the frame utilizes galvanized steel. Plus, it’s corrosion-resistant, so you can hold it where it belongs, outdoors.

We prefer polyethylene plastic that is UV-inhibited because it’s safer and does not degrade in the sunlight. Since it’s BPA-free as well, you don’t have to worry about contaminants escaping from the walls into the compost.

The bigger opening can be enjoyed. Plus, to allow you easy access to the compost inside the door slides all the way out.

9. 50-Gallon Wheeled Compost Tumbler

Those who want something larger to carry their compost would like Kotulas’s 50-gallon tumbler. Although that makes it heavier, you can easily wheel it to wherever the compost is required. Hold it near the house to toss in scraps and when you need it, move it to the yard.

The heavy-duty steel tube structure makes it sturdy enough to hold the recycled plastic drum and any compost inside. We like its distinctive building.

You’ll like that the barrel on the sides is wider. Although this implies that stuff will need to be repositioned to hold it on the porch/patio, it has a unique design. We believe it almost looks like a really short smoker and any decor you have can go with it.

It is a tumbler with a single door, but the opening it creates is wide. Plus, a screw-style lid is used so you know that it’s easy to open. Pests can’t get inside, so the compost pile is covered and you let it cook as long as it needs to.

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How to Choose the Right Compost Tumbler?

It’s important to know what factors to consider before buying a compost tumbler. Although fitting into your budget, it needs to have the best functions. Here is what you can concentrate on:


The ability of the tumbler is critical because you want it to have ample compost for your yard. There are incredibly large interiors for certain brands, but this can make it harder to switch or pass around. You may want a bigger one with a wheel if your family composts all types of stuff.

A compost tumbler of between 17 and 50 gallons is used by most households. It relies, however, on how much waste you have.

Dual or Single Tumblers

Single and dual tumblers are possible to find. To give everyone the correct choice for them, we checked both models.

All of the liquid at once goes into the barrel with a single tumbler. Scraps can be added, meaning you can use the compost and have to sift through ripe and unripe pieces.

Dual tumblers have an advantage because it is possible to fill and cook one side as long as needed. You can add it to the second side to begin the process of composting it, as you have more scraps. The one you choose is largely dependent on how much you get scraps and how you want it to go.


There are many materials used for tumblers that you can find. Galvanized steel for the legs and feet is usually used. That way, in all weather conditions, it is corrosion-resistant and can be kept outdoors.

For the barrel and the lid, recycled plastic is sometimes used. Dark colors are chosen because most heat is absorbed and held inside where it is most required. This also helps to decrease the moisture loss that is required for the process of composting.

Recycled plastic is often called polyethylene plastic, and to keep it together it uses various resins and acids. Choosing BPA-free variants is best, rendering them food-safe. No contaminants will leak into the compost and out of the plastic, making it all-natural.

Easy Sliding Door

The door can easily open on the compost tumbler. Most doors slide open and for easy access to what’s inside, they should come out entirely.


For the tumbler, you need adequate ventilation so that the contents remain aerated. Within the barrel are microorganisms and worms, and they need oxygen to function well. Composting can be a boring and slow operation without the right aeration.

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Where Is the Best Place to Put a Compost Tumbler?

You can not smell any of the rotting material inside because the tumbler is sealed. Therefore, just about everywhere you can put it. The majority of homeowners want to see it on their porches and patios.

Without going far you can quickly snatch the scraps from the kitchen and throw them inside. It’s quickly moved to the garden area if the tumbler has wheels. Otherwise, to get the compost out and use it, you might use a wheelbarrow or a small cart.


We have come up with the best tumblers on the market for compost. Although all of them are excellent, for those who prefer a single compartment and door, we chose the Kotulas Wheeled TumblerKotulas Wheeled TumblerKotulas Wheeled TumblerKotulas Wheeled Tumbler. With wheels, without the hassle of moving it to a wheelbarrow, you will have plenty of compost for a wide garden.

The one from Miracle-GroMiracle-GroMiracle-GroMiracle-Gro is perfect if you want a dual-chamber tumbler. Each side is different from the other and at various times, they turn. This ensures that you will still have ready-made manure that is already cooking and compost.

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