Stihl MS 271 Problems And Complaints With Possible Solutions


We understand how much it is annoying to buy a chainsaw for such an expensive cost, and it suddenly stops working due to some minor problems. There could be various reasons your chainsaw stops working. These problems might occur because of chainsaws being old or some other defaults.

If we talk about Stihl MS 271 then there is no doubt this company is famous for making chainsaws. But their product, Stihl MS 271, has faced many critics due to its manufacturing defaults.

The company has launched Stihl MS 271 after the customers’ reviews. But don’t worry, if you have Stihl MS 271 and problems are occurring, we will solve these problems one by one in this article. So let’s begin.

Stihl MS 271 Problems and Complaints with Possible Solutions


Some of the very common problems faced by customers are that their Stihl MS 271 doesn’t start, it doesn’t have enough tension, it has a leakage problem, the Stihl MS 271 is not cutting precisely, its chain is becoming blunt, etc. All these problems are discussed below, and we have tried our best to troubleshoot all the problems, especially for you.

Chainsaw Not Starting

This is a problem many customers have complained about that the Stihl MS 271 is not starting by default. But if you have used it a couple of times before and one fine day it just didn’t start, then the problem might that the engine is not supplying enough power, or maybe the problem is that the machine does not have enough fuel.


Troubleshooting this problem is simple, you just have to check if the switchboard is working or not. If the current supply is fine then the next step is to check if the Stihl MS 271 has enough fuel to run the engine. Make sure that the ratio of gas and oil is correct.

Chain Not Having Enough Tension

Sometimes the chain of the saw is loose and cannot perform well due to the lack of tension. A  chain should be tight and produce enough tension to cut the wood or any other material for which it is bought. But keep in mind that this is not a big deal, most of the saw from other brands may face this problem after some time of use.


This can be corrected manually as there is a tension-creating mechanism in every saw. But if it doesn’t work, then you can use the screw to properly adjust the chain of the bar. Take the chain in your hand and manually stretch it in the opposite direction of the guide bar; when you feel that the tension is enough the way, you want, then attach it back to the machine.

Rusting of a Chain


Any iron thing catches rust after some years if not treated carefully. Many customers have complained that the Stihl MS 721 is catching rust really fast. But this problem can be solved with a little care.


To troubleshoot this problem, you only require a depth gauge to sharpen the chain. Just be careful when applying pressure during filing otherwise, the edges of the Stihl MS 271 might become thin.

Faulty Carburetor

The carburetor is a vital part of a chainsaw as it manages the extremely tiny fuel lines and mixes them with air entering the engine so that the engine runs properly. If the carburetor becomes faulty, you will feel that the engine is not working properly.


Clean the carburetor properly. The gas flow might have stopped due to some dust particles clogged inside it. The other way round is you repair the carburetor with the help of experts. If it doesn’t work then it is better to change the carburetor.

Brakes Not Working

The chainsaw has a brake that is connected to the chain through spring. When you press the brake it pulls the chain and makes it stop. It is important that the brake works, for your safety and the people around you.


Stihl MS 271 fails to stop if the spring attached to the brake fails to work. But to fix this you need an expert who can sort this out for you. Otherwise, it can be dangerous for you if you don’t restore it.

Guide Bar is not Greased

So the guide bar is supposed to be greasy to work properly. There are tubes through which oil flows out toward the guide bar. If there is some kind of blockage in pipes, the oil will resist flow.


This results when you cut the wood and the small residue gets stuck in the pipes. The solution is simple just clean the chain saw after every use properly. Cleaning chainsaw removes the possibility of any remaining clogging.

Dull Chain

If the chain is not cutting through the material and the engine is running perfectly then the problem is in the chain. You can diagnose it if your chainsaw is not cutting the material but instead creating dust when coming in contact with the object. This means that the chain running through the guide bar is dull.


Sharpen your chain by refining it with a depth gauge. Also, try to avoid hitting it with stones and place it separately instead of placing it with other tools, it will keep its sharpness to last longer.


Why will my Stihl MS 271  won’t start?

Keeping a chainsaw in storage for a long time will contaminate it with dust and other residues. When you start the engine, these residues might clog the pipes, which won’t allow the fuel to pass through pipes and ignite the engine. This doesn’t let the engine start.

Why would my Stihl MS 271 chainsaw stall?

An engine of the chainsaw stalls in two conditions: either the fuel is too much or not enough. The carburetor should supply an accurate amount of oil to the engine.

Is Stihl MS 271 a pro saw?

The pro saw has many advantages. The MS 271 is a farming/landscaping saw that is basically for property maintenance. Keep in mind that with an increase in advantages comes a high price as well.


The above mentioned problems are the ones that may occur in any chainsaw, don’t think that problem may only occur in Stihl MS 271. But all minor problems that you may face in the Stihl MS 271 chainsaw are discussed above, and their easy solutions are mentioned.

You can easily follow the techniques and make your chainsaw work again perfectly. In case you can’t fix them, then you can contact a professional.

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