How Deep Should Garden Beds Be Raised?

Garden Beds

Plants all have specific requirements. They do not grow well if they aren’t cared for. Because of this occasionally plants also die, which means you have to start again.

One of the biggest problems is that of the soil. If the plant doesn’t like the soil in which it is then it can’t expand. It just can’t grow at all sometimes.

This is one big reason that it’s nice to have a raised garden bed. It lets you create your own plant environment wherever you want. Since the bed is raised from the ground, you can put any soil you want into it.

What is a Raised Garden Bed?

An elevated garden bed is an area where the soil lifts above the ground. It is generally performed in square or rectangular shapes, although some people use other types. Typically there is a frame constructed around the bed, made of strong materials such as rock, concrete, or wood.

Plants have plenty of space between them in a regular garden. They ‘re closer to a raised bed in the garden. They are so close that when they grow big their leaves can even touch each other.

It helps keep the soil underneath them moist when they are so close. It also helps to keep harmful weeds from growing between them.

Since the bed is raised, and you can use any soil you want to fill up the bed in your own box. It doesn’t matter what kind of soil is under and around the case.

Where to Raise Your Garden Bed?

You also have to remember to make sure that the box is built wherever the plants can get all the sun they need to grow. Seek to find a place that can give each day between 6 and 8 hours of sunlight to the plants anywhere.

Many people choose to put the bed in their backyards, but there’s no need to. The bed can be placed along, or even on, your front yard. What’s crucial is there’s plenty of space for the bed and the sun can hit it long enough.

The grass may be in the area you ‘d like to put your bed in. The grass is difficult to remove when healthy. It is harmful to your plants as well, and can even kill them so you have to get rid of it.

It is not as hard to get rid of the grass as you would think, but it takes some time. So, you have to plan your bed long before you have it set up.

Draw a line around the area you want to use for your bed, to get rid of the grass in your bed area. After you’ve done that, take some cardboard and cover the entire area in which you drew the line.

It can take several weeks but it breaks down by covering the grass. When that happens you can delete it quickly.

How Deep Should Garden Beds Be Raised?

It is important to choose your spot, and thus to ensure that the measurements of the bed are acceptable. You don’t want to make your bed too big because without getting into it, you can’t touch the center of it. That’s a little messy and can be unhealthy for your plants too.

Once your bed fits into the space you’ve chosen, the length should be ok. You should also see to it that all your plants can fit in.

Your bed must be sufficiently deep to allow the plants to grow well. A plant’s roots need to be deep in the soil, and they need space to spread.

They feed by the roots. A plant’s roots continue to grow for a while and there needs to be enough soil for this to happen.

Never should you have less than six inches of soil as not many plant roots grow more than that. Some plants have roots that can grow up to 12 centimeters. If you don’t know how much your plant roots are growing, then you should make it 12 inches deep.

Hopefully, you have learned a lot about raised garden beds and are prepared to make your own.

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